Britney Spears’ dad Jamie files to end conservatorship after 13-year long battle

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Britney Spears' father, Jamie Spears, has filed to end her conservatorship after 13 years.

It comes as a major victory for the 39-year-old who has been trying to remove her father's control over her estate over the past two years.

Jamie Spears' petition to Los Angeles Superior Court states that his daughter "is entitled to have this Court now seriously consider whether this conservatorship is no longer required."

The filing went on to say that Britney's circumstances have changed "to such an extent that grounds for establishment of a conservatorship may no longer exist."

Britney has called the conservatorship "abusive" and has refused to perform while her father retains control over her.

In June, the singer testified that her father ruined her life and “loved” to hear her in pain while he exerted his power over her.

She alleged that the conservatorship prevented her from getting married or having her IUD removed so she could have more children.

Her newly appointed attorney, Mathew Rosengart, filed a petition to remove Jamie Spears last month and asked the court to replace him with a professional accountant.

In response to the petition, Jamie said he would be "willing to step down when the time is right, but the transition needs to be orderly and include a resolution of matters.”

He also argued against his removal and urged the court not to make a decision based on “false allegations.

The news comes as huge success for the #FreeBritney movement, made up of fans who have spent years protesting the conservatorship.

"If the public knew all the facts of Ms. Spears' personal life, not only her highs but also her lows, all of the addiction and mental health issues that she has struggled with, and all of the challenges of the Conservatorship, they would praise Mr. Spears for the job he has done, not vilify him," the filing says.

"But the public does not know all the facts, and they have no right to know, so there will be no public redemption for Mr. Spears," it says.

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