Brian May blown away by 11-year-old playing Queen songs on Britains Got Talent

Queen’s Brian May knighted for services to music and charity

After over half a century of rocking, Sir Brian May’s Queen guitar solos are very well-known across the globe.

And now they’ve hit the spotlight once again as an 11-year-old following in his footsteps just wowed the judges at the Britain’s Got Talent auditions.

After shaking off his nerves, schoolboy Harry Churchill stood before Simon Cowell to perform an epic Queen Medley including Bohemian Rhapsody.

Just before securing four yeses from the judges, the talented kid jumped up in front of their desk to play We Will Rock You behind his back.

The young boy has clearly left an impression as Sir Brian himself has posted the clip and expressed his utter awe.

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Sir Brian captioned his post: “Harry Rocks !!!! Had to post this … congratulations Harry Churchill @harrysguitartime on smashing it tonight on @bgt !!! Go kill’em !!! Thanks @taliadean for the tip-off ! Bri.”

The Queen legend’s collaborator who brought the clip to his attention commented: “Isn’t he just smashing. Ooozing with spirit.”

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Cowell told the kid afterwards, “That was a great, great audition”, before giving the 11-year-old a big thumbs up.

It’s only the audition stage but who knows how far Harry will go in Britain’s Got Talent having secured a place in the next round.

Perhaps if he gets far enough in the competition he’ll even have a chance to perform with Sir Brian? After all, the rock legend is certainly taken by his talent.

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