B&M is selling a boozy Baileys Easter egg that’s white chocolate, strawberries and cream flavour

B&M is selling a sweet treat that ticks all the right boxes a this time of year.

Chocolate? check! Booze? Check! The Baileys Easter egg is definitely something to look forward to on these dark winter days.

And it gets better – it's strawberries and cream flavoured

The egg itself is made from white chocolate and has dried strawberry pieces in it.

It comes with four milk chocolate truffles which have a strawberry and cream filling, and that's where you'll find the Irish cream liqueur.

Spotted by the Kevs Snack Review Instagram account, the choc egg has gone down a treat.

"The Baileys one looks AMAZING!" said one commenter

Another posed the question: "Strawberries cream and Baileys overkill? Or amazing?"

B&M sold the egg last year, along with Asda and Amazon.

We haven't spotted it on any other supermarket shelves this year – yet – but we'll keep you updated if it does.


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The egg costs £6.99 at B&M which is £2 cheaper than last year

B&M was selling it for £8.99 and its RRP was £9.99 for 2020.

It was also the cheapest place to get it: at Amazon it was priced at £14.99 and at Asda it was £10.

If it's the Baileys-filled strawberries and cream truffles that are really making your mouth water, you can buy these on their own.

They're on sale at Asda in a pack of nine and cost £3.

The Easter egg is based on the bottles of Baileys which are flavoured with strawberries and cream – just one of the flavour twists on the classic Irish cream in Baileys drinks line-up.

B&M is selling 70cl bottles of this flavour tipple too for £9.99 along with a red velvet cupcake flavour one, priced at £14.99 for 70cl.

You can still go into B&M stores during the lockdown to pick up essentials.

Unfortunately, you can't order the egg or Baileys bottles online because B&M doesn't support online shopping.

Easter eggs went on sale in supermarkets in December – a move branded “crackers” by staff.

Terry's Chocolate Orange now does white chocolate mini eggs and you can buy them from Tesco.

Meanwhile Cadbury is selling white chocolate Oreo Easter egg which has been hailed as "incredible".

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