Bimbo who was bullied over big boobs gets last laugh as curves make her £1.4m

A self-declared “bimbo” who was bullied for years due to her large breasts claims she’s found the ultimate revenge by making $2million from her looks.

Isabella James, 27, who lives in LA, California, struggled at school where she was mocked her for her 32D boobs which were emphasised by her small 110lb (7st 8lb) frame.

But, instead of having her confidence knocked, the young woman used her figure to grow her following on sexy subscription site OnlyFans.

The raunchy website lets creators post photos and videos which their fans can only see if they pay a monthly fee – and it’s made Isabella a fortune.

She’s living the dream in a four-bedroom house having raked in over $2million (£1.46m) flaunting her figure online.

And, she did it in just 18 months.

Isabella explained: “When I was in high school I would get bullied for having bigger boobs. I was called top-heavy and a bimbo.

"I always felt sexualised so why not profit from it.

“I didn't allow the bullies to hurt me. It just fuelled me to become successful.

“I feel like my body better reflects who I am now that it is extreme."

The model had a boob job to increase her cup size to a 32J last year at a cost of $10,000 (£7,300).

She’s spent $50,000 (£36,680) so far on procedures including fillers, braces and three breast enlargements – all to achieve a more “bimbo” look.

Isabella, who has 128,000 Instagram followers, added: “People think of plastic surgery as something you get if you hate your body but all my body modifications are self-love.

“Some bimbo girls go too far with their lips and oversized boobs. I never want to look like a cartoon or gimmick.

“For me it is all about empowerment."

According to Isabella, who now earns around $180,000 (£132,000) a month, being a bimbo is a "spiritual calling" that helps her tap into her “divine feminine”.

And, thanks to her massive income she spends $3,000 a month on her beauty regime.

The model said: "I market myself as a bimbo sex doll so my fanbase is all about it.

"Guys love to see how confident I am.”

However, Isabella’s look has always attracted hate.

She explained: “I’ve always gotten stares my whole life. People are gonna judge you no matter what.

“I get comments online saying I’m fake. One person wrote that there is more plastic in me than the ocean, but I just ignore them.

“Online haters are just helping me get more popular with their shares and screenshots."

On top of her OnlyFans earnings, Isabella also makes money through stocks, shares and cryptocurrency.

She added: “Don’t judge a bimbo by her blonde hair and boobs.

“I also love surprising people by talking about metaphysics or business strategy if they underestimate me.

“You can achieve anything you put your mind to and believe in yourself.

“But I bet my bullies never dreamed that calling me a bimbo would make me a millionaire.”

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