Another Expensive Divorce: Beck’s Divorce Will Cost Him A Fortune

Singer Beck and Marissa Ribisi were married for 15 years before filing for divorce in 2019. Like many other celebrity divorces, this one got a bit messy, and there were a slew of details to be negotiated and agreed upon before it was finalized. A judge has finally just signed off on the divorce papers, officially making Beck a single man again, but his newfound freedom came at a very hefty price. The musician may be free from his marriage and able to move on in the relationship realm, but his finances and personal collections of valuables are taking a huge hit. This divorce settlement forces Beck to give up some expensive real estate, priceless artwork, and a whole lot of money each month. TMZ reports that there were a lot of expensive items that were just recently divided up in order to make this divorce final.

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Celebrities are known to face difficult divorces when their relationships go sour. There’s a lot to decide on when it comes to the division of property and valuable items, which can be exceptionally difficult to agree on during a time of marital conflict.

Of course, the rich and famous have a whole lot more at stake than the average person does, and Beck can attest to how complicated this all can be.

His divorce is forcing Beck to relinquish a grand total of 5 exclusive and wildly expensive Banksy art pieces to his ex-wife, and Beck is only getting to keep 4 for himself. Among the four that will remain in his possession are; Hunters and Sale Ends Today.

During the division of property and valuables, real estate was a huge focus. There were multiple properties owned by the couple during their marriage, and Beck is walking away with more property than Marissa is. He gets to keep the property they once shared in Los Angeles, Malibu, Memphis and Little Rock, and was ordered to issue a $500,000 payment to Marissa to balance out the fact that he kept those properties.

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Marissa will retain some of the funds in their mutual bank account and gets to literally drive away in the 2014 Honda Odyssey, which now belongs exclusively to her.

Perhaps the most painful part of this divorce settlement is the ongoing support that Beck is going to be obligated to upkeep. The judgment demands that Beck pay Marissa $18,169 each month in spousal support, and more will be deemed necessary if he earns more than $1.7 million in a one-year time span. He is also obligated to pay $14,531 per month to Marissa for child support.

The couple maintains joint legal custody of their children.

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