Amazon’s $15 Serum Is the Secret to Glowing Skin

Chances are you’ve known about the immunity-boosting power of vitamin C since you learned your ABCs, but what you may not know is just how crucial a role the ingredient can play in your skincare routine. Its brightening and retexturizing benefits can help give your complexion a wide-awake glow, and since we’ve long traded in our morning OJ for coffee, it’s no wonder vitamin C has become an essential we reach for when in need of a rejuvenating boost. 

Luckily, the dedicated skincare sleuths of Amazon have already named the one formula they swear by: Eva Naturals Vitamin C Skin-Clearing Serum. As the retailer’s best-selling formula in the facial oil category, the $15 serum has amassed more than 3,300 shining, 5-star reviews filled with customers sharing their praises for the serum.

Perhaps most striking are the before and after photos shoppers have shared in the reviews section, which show how their skin was completely transformed by the anti-aging serum. But since the formula reads something like a checklist of skincare ingredient MVPs, the impressive results come as no surprise.

The antioxidant-rich vitamin C blend is formulated with hyaluronic acid for powerful hydration, a boost in collagen, and an overall brighter appearance. Aside from its anti-aging properties and ability to fight harmful free radicals, the serum features niacinamide to reduce inflammation, soothe breakouts, and even out skin tone by reducing the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. What’s more, retinol and salicylic acid join the mix to cleanse, decongest, and exfoliate pores for a crystal clear complexion with each use. 

Even though the formula sounds like it boasts everything you could need in one little bottle, shoppers swear the oil is ideal for even the most sensitive skin types and doesn’t cause overdrying. 

“This stuff is bomb. I’ve had painful cystic acne for most of my adult life and this serum has helped so much and brightened some uneven discoloration on my face leftover from being pregnant,” said one review. “It's not drying and I think it would be perfect for sensitive skin too… Instead of having to use multiple serums like I was in the past, now I can just use one!” 

Aside from reinvigorating skin that looks dull, tired, and uneven, shoppers say the oil has been key in helping them tackle struggles with cystic acne, hormonal breakouts, scarring, and dark spots. 

“I was amazed by the fast results and I feel way more confident with my face and skin,” shared another customer. “I even cut back on makeup because I don’t have blemishes and dark scars to cover anymore. Not to mention I’ve ALWAYS had extremely dry, flakey skin but this serum makes me glow; even family and friends recognized the change and asked what I’m doing differently.” 

If you’re ready to revamp your skincare routine with this multi-tasking serum, head to Amazon to shop the vitamin C essential shoppers swear by for glowing skin. 

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