Aliens watching US Air Force base following strange video – bizarre claim

Scientists have long dismissed the idea that aliens have made it here to Earth. In fact, experts have so far found nil evidence of any extraterrestrial life anywhere in the Universe. However, conspiracy theorists are not deterred by scientific findings with constant claims of UFO sightings and ET activity on our planet.

The latest claim comes in the form of two black objects which were seen hovering above Las Vegas.

A video shows the strange objects positioned almost perfectly stationary in the sky.

An eyewitness statement submitted to UFO investigation site MUFON said: “Two objects were noticed and appeared to be over the Las Vegas airport (could have been further), two separate objects slowly changing shapes and lighting up in daylight with no cloud cover.

“One started much higher and to the west and eventually disappeared.”

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However, UFO hunters have offered their two cents on the sighting, with prominent conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring stating the objects are actually near the Nellis Air Force Base.

Mr Waring wrote on his blog UFO Sightings Daily: “In this video we get to see two unidentified flying objects over Las Vegas, Nevada.

“This area is very close to Nellis Air Force Base. These UFOs could be new military technology being developed over at the military base in order to keep up with China’s constant aggressive moves to its neighbours.

“They could also be alien craft watching the military base and scanning the latest human technology in order to assess where America is in the big scope of things in case the US and China have to fight each other.”

However, the objects in the video could be attributed to more logical explanations.

Due to the fact it was spotted near a military base, the lights could be helicopters or planes.

While there is no proof that UFOs are here, the sightings and claims from conspiracy theorists can lead to bigger questions.

Chris Impey, university distinguished professor of astronomy at University of Arizona, wrote in The Conversation: “While UFOs continue to swirl in the popular culture, scientists are trying to answer the big question that is raised by UFOs: Are we alone?

“Astronomers have discovered over 4,000 exoplanets, or planets orbiting other stars, a number that doubles every two years.

“Some of these exoplanets are considered habitable since they are close to the Earth’s mass and at the right distance from their stars to have water on their surfaces.

“The nearest of these habitable planets are less than 20 light years away, in our cosmic ‘back yard.’

“Extrapolating from these results leads to a projection of 300 million habitable worlds in our galaxy.

“Each of these Earth-like planets is a potential biological experiment, and there have been billions of years since they formed for life to develop and for intelligence and technology to emerge. Astronomers are very confident there is life beyond the Earth.

“As astronomer and ace exoplanet-hunter Geoff Marcy, puts it, ‘The universe is apparently bulging at the seams with the ingredients of biology’.”

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