9 Best Kids Subscription Boxes 2021

IF you've got little ones, chances are you need a little extra help entertaining them at times. Kids subscriptions boxes are a great way to bridge the gap and will keep their minds busy for hours.

We've rounded up the best subscription boxes from baking to building to painting – here are our favourites…

Subscription boxes are a great way to get your kids engaged with an abundance of activities, all wrapped up in one quickly delivered box.

The mystery and fun are simply brought to you (normally on the same day each month) which definitely makes it an easy and stress-free process when ordering.

Many boxes have an educational element or a creative addition, which not only helps children learn through play, but also supports mental development and growth by trying out new ideas, captivating ways of thinking and introducing problem-solving.

Different boxes can cater for different activities and can be bought as a yearly subscription or as a monthly rolling contract which you can cancel at any time.

Whether your child likes an activity box to do independently, with their siblings or even the whole family, whatever your kids style, they're sure to find something they are interested in.


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Junior Baking Club

  • Baking Club box, starting at £8.25 per month from Baked In – buy here

Why do children love baking so much? Well, aside from the messy fun, it can be a great way for them to create something delicious that they can enjoy in just a few minutes.

The baking club box from Baked In brings cakes, cookies, muffin and biscuit recipes directly to your door each month. Starting at £12 per month per box for a rolling subscription or £8.25 for a yearly option, you can even order adhoc recipes as you wish.

With a step-by-step recipe card, all the dry ingredients perfectly weighed out, plus a few handy extras chucked in, it's sure to make cooking up a storm a real treat.

I did it! activity box

  • I did it! activity box, £12.50 per box, from Uopen – buy here

There's something about bugs and science that enthrals kids. In fact the I did it! activity box is a great way to incorporate learning into play.

Captivate your little one's curiosity with games learning about bugs, dinosaurs, the solar system – there's even maths and art in there to mix things up a little bit.

Aimed at ages five to 11, each subscription box comes personalised with your child’s name in a lovely presented box. It'll feel like a celebration every month.

Ready Steady Paint

  • Ready, steady, paint subscription box, starting at £12.99, from Ready, steady, paint – buy here

An art subscription box can be a great introduction to the world of colour and creativity for your child.

Painting has been known to expand kids imaginations greatly and help them interact with the world around them. It also aids them with skills for self-expression and communication. 

We think this paint subscription from Ready, steady, paint is a great solution to long weekends and holidays and even the odd rainy day.

Not only do they send the art supplies from brands such as Daler-Rowney, Winsor & Newton and Stabilo, but each month, they will give two art activities, designed to inspire, excite and build fundamental artistic skills.

Little Box of Books

  • Book subscription, from £19.99 from Little Box of Books – buy here

Reading starts pretty early with little ones and it is recommended to start showing and reading books to babies from around four months of age.

Little Box of Books has three different subscription boxes aimed at different age groups.

Featuring brilliant storytelling and diverse characters, each box contains four new books per month so that your little one can enjoy reading a new one each week. The best part? You can revisit the story time and time again, and even hand them down to siblings. Result.

Herboo gardening set

  • Children's gardening subscription box, £15 from Herboo – buy here

If your kids love being outdoors then this gardening subscription will go down a treat.

Aimed to hone their gardening skills by learning about seeds, soil and sprouting, it comes with all the materials you need for garden crafts with easy follow along steps.

Each month the set is updated and while you can do it outdoors, you can also do it indoors. This is handy as you need no outdoor space to grow some green leaves, meaning it's perfect for all types of spaces. Bloomin' lovely.

Happy Craft Box

  • Mindfullness box, from £19.97 from Happy Craft Box – buy here

Mental health matters, even at a young age. Managing emotions with mindfulness helps kids focus on the present and can be a useful tool to use in different stages of life.

This lovely subscription box from Happy Craft Box is great for teaching your children important life skills and is designed to ignite creativity, thinking and discussion.

Its activities include art therapy, yoga, mindfulness and positive psychology, with some crafts and books thrown in too. Happiness guaranteed.


  • Kawaii subscription box, £18.50 from Kawaii box – buy here

Delivered worldwide and bringing a taste of Kawaii culture to the UK, this cute box contains Japanese gifts, snacks, plushies, accessories and stationery for your little one to enjoy.

The exciting monthly box contains a whole host of sweetness and with eight to 10 items in each box, there's sure to be something to put a smile on your child's face. Cuteness overload.


  • Activity subscription box, starting at £11.90 from Toucan Box – buy here

If crafts are what your kids love then why not get stuck into some lovely card crafts from Toucan Box?

Each carefully curated box comes with two crafts, an activity-filled magazine, stickers and a collectable surprise.

You can choose to make parachutes, a magical magnetic ice-skating lake, a stage with puppets or even a fun snow globe. Simply magic.

Little World Builder

  • Activity kits, starting at £18 from Little World Explorer – buy here

Creating crafts is always good when you want your little one to play naturally and have less screen time. This offering from Little World Explorer includes an around the world adventure kit where they can discover world-famous buildings with hands-on 3D puzzle projects.

Each pack, which is designed for children six-plus adhere in line with the UK school curriculum for key stage 1 (KS1) and key stage 2 (KS2) and no glue or tape is needed.

With a wide selection of stickers included in each kit, your kid will love this monthly surprise that they will be delighted to show off.

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