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SEARCHING for the best rum advent calendars? We've got your festive liquor needs sorted with this impressive selection available to buy now.

There's no doubt about it: advent calendars have long been one of the most fun ways to build up anticipation for Christmas Day, so a calendar filled with a selection of tipples will always go down well.

These days, there are endless categories of advent calendars up for grabs, so if you're a lover of rum – or know someone in your life who is – then a rum advent calendar is a great opportunity to discover some new and old favourites in the lead-up to the 25th.

From light to dark, aged to spiced, there are rums for every taste – and with these calendars, you'll fast become a connoisseur of the stuff, sampling miniatures from some of the world's best producers.

So whether you're looking for an affordable selection of rums or fancy splashing some cash on a set that's a little more boujee, we've rounded up the best rum advent calendars around. Cheers!

Best rum advent calendars at a glance:

  • Best overall rum advent calendar: Dead Man's Fingers 2023 Edition 24 Day Rum Advent Calendar
  • Best spiced rum advent calendar: Drinks by the Dram Spiced Rum Advent Calendar
  • Best 24-day rum advent: Drinks by the Dram Rum Advent Calendar – Premium
  • Best 12-day rum advent: MixPixie Personalised Advent Rum Bottle
  • Best value rum advent calendar: Drinks by the Dram premium rum collection

Dead Man's Fingers 2023 Edition 24 Day Rum Advent Calendar

  • Dead Man's Fingers 2023 Edition 24 Day Rum Advent Calendar, £89.95 from Amazon – buy here

A 24 days of Christmas calendar for the rum connoisseur – or anybody who yearns for a drop of Caribbean warmth this Christmas with an unconventional twist.

Dead Man's Fingers 2023 Edition is made here in good old Blighty – at the Bristol & Bath Rum Distillery, to be precise, which houses a 500-litre double retort rum still and 'the largest selection of rum you’ll probably ever encounter.'

The selection box includes 24 5cl miniature bottles of flavoured and spiced rums including mango, hazelnut, cherry and passion fruit. Yum.

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The drawers are unnumbered, meaning it's up to you which order you drink them in: so no tasting experience will be the same!

Quantity: 24, Bottle size: 5cl, Rums included: Flavoured and spiced, Extras: Includes gift packaging.

24 Days of Rum Advent Calendar

  • 24 Days of Rum advent calendar, £64.99 from Amazon – buy here

With 24 premium rums on offer in this tasting experience by 24 Days of Rum, you can enjoy a tipple every evening in the lead-up to Christmas.

Each one comes from a different country, so you'll be able to taste some exotic flavours: from Barbados to India and Thailand.

And as it comes with full tasting notes and two glasses, it's perfect for sharing and learning more about the art of rum production.

'Well worthy of a high-end gift in the under £100 bracket,' writes one reviewer who adds: 'A very inviting selection of rums in the box, relevant to a new rum explorer or someone that has their go-to and wants to break out of the routine.'

Quantity: 24, Bottle size: 20ml, Rums included: 24 Rums from 24 different countries, Extras: Two tasting glasses and Tasting Notes Kit.


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Drinks by the Dram 12 Dram Premium Rum Collection Tasting Set

  • Drinks by the Dram 12 Dram Premium Rum Collection Tasting Set, £51.95 from Master of Malt – buy here

This 12-bottle premium rum collection features a selection of tempting rums for each of the 12 days of Christmas.

Behind each door lies a 30ml, wax-sealed bottle of rum, hand-picked from rum connoisseurs and taking in 'some of the best producers'.

And with a variety of top labels from around the world, you can expect brands like Manchester's One-Eyed Rebel, Belize's Copalli Rum and the Philippines' Tanduay, among others.

We'd particularly recommend this one if you're a rum lover looking to try something completely new. One impressed reviewer raves: 'I received this as a gift and it was particularly appreciated as I collect rum for a hobby.

'To date, I have 109 different rums in my collection and a total of 163 unopened bottles. I was pleasantly surprised to discover 9 of the rums in this collection were ones I have never tried.'

Quantity: 12, Bottle size: 30ml, Rums included: Flavoured, spiced and white, Extras: N/A.

Drinks by the Dram Rum Advent Calendar – Premium (2023 Edition)

  • Drinks by the Dram Rum Advent Calendar – Premium (2023 Edition), £124.95 from Master of Malt – buy here

If you’re serious about the countdown to Christmas, don't miss this 24-bottle selection from Drinks by the Dram.

It contains an exclusive, hand-picked selection of 30ml wax-sealed rums spanning the whole spectrum from light to dark, with some spiced and navy strength options thrown in for good measure.

Last year's version was extremely popular, so if you've purchased this calendar before, you'll be pleased to know that the 2023 edition contains some familiar faces – but also promises to have some new treats in store.

There’s a range of world-renowned and award-winning rums, alongside boutique, indie distilleries behind each door so you’re bound to find a new (or old!) favourite.

Quantity: 24, Bottle size: 30ml, Rums included: 'Sourced from producers large and small', Extras: N/A.

Drinks by the Dram Spiced Rum Advent Calendar (2023 Edition)

  • Drinks by the Dram Spiced Rum Advent Calendar (2023 Edition), £99.95 from Master of Malt – buy here

A spiced rum is probably one of the most Christmassy spirits around – and this 24-bottle advent calendar by Drinks by the Dram is packed with them.

Shop this flavour-packed calendar and you'll get to enjoy a curated selection of spiced and flavoured 30ml tasters from producers around the world: from the Caribbean to Norfolk, here in Blighty.

It’s a great way to find a new favourite just in time for New Year’s. And Master of Malt has the full list of spoilers over on the product page, if you don't mind ruining the surprise.

We've had a peek, and with options like Banana Spiced, Black Cherry Spiced, Pumpkin Spiced and Gingerbread rum on offer, it's all sounding pretty unmissable.

Quantity: 24, Bottle size: 30ml, Rums included: Spiced and flavoured rums, Extras: N/A.

Tiptree Gin, Vodka & Rum Liqueurs Advent Calendar

  • Tiptree Gin, Vodka & Rum Liqueurs Advent Calendar, £119.99 from Amazon – buy here

You’re going to have a very merry Christmas with this advent calendar from Tiptree: a family company that has been farming at Tiptree, Essex, since 1757.

Perfect if you want to enjoy rum alongside some other tipples, each of the 24, 5cl bottles contains a different craft gin, vodka or rum that has been made with Tiptree fruits and spreads.

All the crops are hand-picked, with fruits inspected, prepared by hand and 'cooked in small batches using traditional, copper-bottomed pans' – so you just know you're getting quality, here.

Rum-wise, the calendar includes two English Spiced Rum Liqueurs as well as two Merry Christmas Spiced Rum Liqueurs.

There's also the fab-sounding Chocolate Orange Vodka Liqueur plus English Strawberry Gin Liqueur. Yum!

Quantity: 24, Bottle size: 5cl, Rums included: Spiced rums plus gins and vodkas, Extras: N/A.

MixPixie Personalised Advent Rum Bottle

  • MixPixie personalised advent rum bottle, £45 from Amazon – buy here

This is a little bit different – an advent calendar in a bottle, with markers to show you how much to pour each day.

Choose between salted caramel or spiced rum, then simply count down the 12 days to Christmas via the numbers on the side of the bottle.

You can also personalise it with a loved one's name (or your own).

The icing on the Christmas cake is the Spotify playlist of Christmas tunes that comes with the rum – so while you’re imbibing, you can dance your little socks off!

Available in 500ml and 700ml sizes, each rum is handcrafted and made in small batches to ensure delicious quality.

Quantity: 1, Bottle size: 500ml or 700ml, Rums included: Salted caramel or spiced rum, Extras: Personalisation.

What is a rum advent calendar?

Just like a chocolate advent calendar, rum versions usually have a miniature behind each door that you can open in the lead-up to Christmas.

They're usually a great way to try new flavours and discover new brands, giving you a daily tasting session throughout December.

Or alternatively, you can save them up to enjoy over the festive period.

How much are rum advent calendars?

Rum advent calendars are on the pricier side, but they're not just your average advent calendar with flimsy doors and sub-par chocolate – they often feature rare, hand-picked bottles of tasty rum. So they really do make a special gift.

If you're looking to spend sub-£55, choose a rum advent calendar with 12 bottles like Drinks by the Dram's 12 Dram Premium Rum Collection Tasting Set which is priced at £51.95.

A full month of rum tasting will be pricier, with calendars typically starting at £80. The most expensive option in our picks is Drinks by the Dram's Rum Advent Calendar – Premium (2023 Edition) which at £124.95, promises to take you on a 'rum voyage'.

Where to buy rum advent calendars in the UK

When it comes to buying a rum advent calendar either for yourself or for a rum-loving friend, there are a few reliable places you can look in the UK.

We've listed our top retailers and brands below where we were able to source the calendars included in our picks, alongside some other places:

  • Amazon
  • Master of Malt
  • Not On The High Street
  • The Whisky World
  • The Whisky Exchange
  • Hard To Find Whisky

What to look for in rum advent calendars

Don't settle for less when it comes to choosing the best rum advent calendar for you.

To avoid disappointment, we recommend looking for a calendar that offers a hand-picked selection of good-sized drams that are interesting, and a little tricky to find.


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You don't want to open a day knowing you could have bought the dram down the corner shop, so do some research and check out if the calendar features special, rare or exclusive drams from around the world.

It's also worth double-checking how much rum you're getting. Some calendars are just 12 bottles while others offer the full 24.

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