4 Features That Make This $140 Million Mansion The 2nd Priciest In London

1.61 London has acquired a fine reputation as a brilliant designer. Their $140 million project called ‘The Mansion’ in Surrey, United Kingdom, has won many hearts and accolades. This mansion is also said to be the second priciest deal in the UK. 1.61 London is an interior design and property developer that took a family’s wish upon themselves to create the ultimate dream home in Surrey.

This team of designers and property developers was expected to design a traditional, stylish, and unique mansion to stand out among other luxury estates. Experts often compare it to the fancy villas in the literary novel, The Great Gatsby. 1.61 London was in charge of developing the interior spaces and the exterior areas so that the whole place remained in smooth sync.

The following are some of the features that make the second priciest $140 million mansion in London the ultimate dream home.

4 The Intricate Designing Patterns

The estate might evoke high-class sophistication, but it is also suitable for practical living. One of this mansion’s exclusive features is that the different spaces stand out, not in terms of vibrant hues. Instead, the design involves a variety of materials and textures to create a unique vibe.

The designers worked with highly prestigious international brands like Italy’s Roberto Cavalli, Lalique from France, German kitchenware brand Hacker, and the American brand Sonos. Alex Christo, the director of 1.61 London, expresses how careful his team is while designing any estate. There is always a plan and a purpose to achieve in these projects. This $140 million mansion aims to reflects London’s rich cultural heritage and how the historical city has developed over time.

3 The Marvelous Units of this Mansion

The mansion comes with all the amenities one can think of in a billionaire’s luxury estate. There are multiple luxury suites, marbled bathrooms with giant bathtubs, a game room, and a stunning 46 feet swimming pool. This mansion’s attractive features include its private bowling alley, exquisite waterfalls, beautifully landscaped gardens, a private theatre room, and an elegant spa.

In the ten grand bedrooms and bathrooms, contrasting textures with the recurrent shades of white, brown, bronze, and black were used. The goal was to make every space unique and awe-inspiring in its own way. The furnishings in different interior spaces are also distinct. The magnificent mansion has divine chandeliers and is anything but boring.

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The kitchen raises the palatial estate’s high standards with its onyx paneled spaces that go hand in hand with the elevational doors designed using the same texture. The walls have a black glass texture. Innumerable surfaces present different areas apart, which is indeed a genius way to develop a property. About twelve fireplaces are operating on smart technology. A collection of rare marbles is used to build the mansion’s luxury spaces, like the flooring.

A magnificent estate is incomplete without a sweeping staircase, and the designers have taken good care of this aspect. The living space is also elegant, with its undifferentiated pastel hues and a remote-controlled fireplace to make it cozy. There is a reception area for guests created with metal finish, hardwood floors, and plaster polish on the TV wall. The doors are chain mailed with triangular upholstery.

2 The Effortless Lighting

One of the secrets that the designers of the $140 million London mansion have masterfully unearthed is that lighting is essential in making a house look like a palace. This mansion comes with high ceilings, but the brilliant lighting adds to the elevated feeling inside the estate.

Mirrors and LED lights have been installed in the correct places to reflect and refract light for the right amount of illumination. It also offers a free-flowing ambiance to every interior space, including the bedrooms, shared areas, and luxury bathrooms.

1 A Smart and Elegant Home

London’s $140million luxury home’s ancient and aristocratic appearance combined with smart home features for audiovisual effects make it the ultimate dream home. Almost everything can be regulated using the Amazon Alexa control.

The binds, the lighting, and the fireplace can be operated using this remote control. One can play music or watch videos on the big screen using the same innovative application. This home is the epitome of a delicate balance between the antique and a futuristic existence.

The property has won four international design awards for beautifully bringing out a retro atmosphere in perfect tandem with modern style. Critics think that the house evolves London’s evolution through time. In a nutshell, this $140 million house has everything you might want to have in your ultimate dream home.

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