Zendaya & Tom Holland were coupled-up at the Ballon dOr ceremony in Paris

We know that Zendaya and Tom Holland are together. They’re not really hiding the fact that they’re dating, they’re just not walking red carpets together or talking about each other in the media. It’s called discretion! It’s called being classy! Tom knows he has a good thing going and he will not rock the boat in any way. So I find it incredibly charming that these two nerds went to the Ballon d’Or ceremony last night. They carefully posed on the carpet separately, then when they got inside the event, they were just… together. Posing together, arms around each other, looking coupled-up and happy. I love this for them!!

Zendaya looked so beautiful too – she wore a vintage Roberto Cavalli gown with a “snake backbone” detail. I love this gown and I love the snake detail, it looks so f–king cool on her. She styled it perfectly too, her hair is great and those big gold hoops are perfect with the gown. Tom is such a cutie with his glasses too. He’s trying so hard not to f–k this up!! I love that for both of them.

— British Vogue (@BritishVogue) November 29, 2021

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— GOAL (@goal) November 29, 2021

— imaan (@dayapeters) November 30, 2021

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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