Yorkshire shepherdess and mum of 9 Amanda Owen blames parents for ‘snowflake generation’

Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen discusses show's success

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Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen, 46, has spoken about what she blames for today’s “snowflake generation” in a new interview. The mum of nine stars in the popular series set on a farm in the Yorkshire Dales on Channel 5.

Amanda is the subject of the show, alongside her husband Clive Owen and their nine children.

The outspoken shepherdess recently spoke about how she instils the importance of independence in her kids.

She said: “The snowflake generation, they can’t do anything.

“They don’t know anything about how to look after themselves, or a work ethic, all of that has gone out of the window. It’s our fault as parents.

“If you put your child on a pedestal, with no sense of independence, and think you have got to entertain them the whole time, what can you expect?”

Speaking to this week’s Radio Times, the star explained how she raises her children differently.

She added: “I rebuff swaddling children, because I want to see them go on and do well and be themselves, whatever that is.

“I feel like it is their life and all I do is prepare them.

“What we do on the farm, hopefully, is preparation for the big world.

“The lessons they get here will stand them in good stead.”

During her chat with the publication, the star also demonstrated how independent she is with a shocking birthing anecdote.

Amanda explained how when she gave birth to her eighth child, Clemmy, she did not wake her husband up.


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She instead gave birth on the floor with the dog as her birthing partner.

The shepherdess revealed this was because she was certain she could handle the birth on her own.

Amanda continued: “Our local maternity hospital is in Middlesbrough, which is 69 miles away, and on these roads, that takes a long time.

“So by baby number eight, I thought, ‘Sod it, I’ll do it myself.’

“I knew the baby was in the right position, so when I felt the familiar feelings I went downstairs and had the baby in front of the fire with my terrier as a birthing partner.

“Clive wasn’t desperate to be at the birth, he was asleep upstairs. I went and woke him up with the baby.”

The latest series of the Our Yorkshire Farm will begin on April 13 on Channel 5 and will feature 20 new episodes.

Amanda has also secured a two-year deal with the channel, meaning plenty more episodes are on their way.

Read the full interview in this week’s Radio Times – out now.

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