Ulrika Jonsson claims she dated much older famous DJ when she was 16

Ulrika Jonsson discusses marriage and divorce on Lorraine

TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson has claimed that she was pursued by a much older man when she was a “naive and virginal teen” aged just 16.

The now-56-year-old alleges that the man, who she does not name, was a DJ in his 30s and at the “height of his fame”.

She writes that they met at a film premiere where he “showed an interest” in her and asked her to go on a date.

Recalling that time, Ulrika wrote in her column for The Sun: “I was a green, naive, provincial and virginal teen, so was flattered and perplexed in equal measure by the ­attention.”

The DJ then apparently invited Ulrika to be his guest at a show he was presenting.

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On another occasion, she claims they went to watch a band together and enjoyed dinner with some of his friends.

She continued: “He whispered in my ear that I should say I’m studying for A-levels, not O-levels, because it ‘would just be easier’. I did as I was told and lied ­hesitantly.”

The mum-of-four claims that on the way home from the dinner the DJ “stopped the car and very gently tried to kiss me”.

“It was nothing forceful or invasive, but I pulled away out of embarrassment. I kicked myself afterwards for my inexperience and clumsiness,” she adds.

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Months later, the DJ went on to pursue a relationship with someone else leaving Ulrika “devastated”.

She insists “nothing awful happened” and she has “no desire to sully his reputation”. However, she writes “that doesn’t make it right”.

There aren’t any laws around being in a non-sexual relationship where one person is under 18 and the other over.

The age of consent is 16, meaning that once a person turns 16 it is not illegal for them to have consensual sex with someone of any age.

However, it is illegal to take part in sexual activity with someone under 18 if the older person is in a position of trust – for example, a teacher, social worker, doctor or care worker.

There have been calls to change age of consent laws in the wake of the allegations against Russell Brand.

In the investigation by Channel 4’s Dispatches and The Sunday Times, the comedian was accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl when he was in his 30s – allegations which he vehemently denies.

The alleged victim, known by the pseudonym Alice, told BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour earlier this week that while “there is a reasonable argument individuals between the ages of 16 and 18 can have relations with people within that same age bracket,” she says measures should be taken to stop older adults exploiting them.

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