Uh, Twitter Has Evidence That Selena Gomez and Chris Evans Might Be Dating?!

Anyone else literally just out here minding their own damn business this evening only to discover that the internet thinks Selena Gomez and Chris Evans are dating? First of all, please note that there is no official confirmation that anything is happening between these two, making at least part of this pure fan fiction. But there isssss some intriguing evidence, as first reported by Nicki Swift and The Sun.

By which I mean Selena and Chris have been spotted hanging out several times in Los Angeles—leaving a studio together earlier this month, and then leaving the same restaurant together several days later in photos circulating on social media. On top of that 👀 inducing news, apparently Chris just started following Selena on Instagram. Though, I mean, who doesn’t follow Selena, you know?

Anyway, before you entirely spiral like everyone in the below tweets, it’s possible that these two are either a) friends, or b) working on a project together—though if that’s the case it hasn’t been announced yet because the only upcoming movies on Selena’s IMDb are Hotel Transylvania and In the Shadow of the Mountain, while Chris’ upcoming projects include The Gray Man, Lightyear, Little Shop of Horrors, and Bermuda.

Either way, no one is okay on Twitter right now, which, understandable.

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