The REAL Reason Bijou Phillips Is Divorcing Danny Masterson??

We were floored to learn Bijou Phillips filed for divorce from Danny Masterson. Obviously a rape conviction and 30-year prison sentence is more than sufficient grounds — but we’re talking about a woman who really stood by her man.

Last week, we heard the Hostel 2 star planned to “be there for her husband” and was visiting him in jail “daily.” Why? Because she really thought he was innocent! Even after the conviction, a source said she “completely trusts he never did what he was charged for.”

So what happened? What changed her mind? Apparently it was all about her daughter…

An insider told on Friday that Bijou was confronted with the choice between being a supportive wife and a good mom — and had to go with the latter. The source said:

“Recently friends and family have told her to be a mom first and to consider divorce because it really shows her daughter that eventually people need to be held accountable for what they do, even if it is someone they love.”

The other reason is less about ideals and more about logistics. The source explained:

“Bijou also is doing it to protect her assets and protect her future. She doesn’t want to lose money and land and housing over a future civil lawsuit against Danny, she is looking to protect her future and that is one big reason she has pursued divorce.”

That… actually makes a lot of sense. After a guilty verdict Danny is likely dead in the water in civil court — which requires a lower burden of proof: a preponderance of evidence rather than proof beyond a reasonable doubt. If he gets sued for big bucks, and their finances are still tied together, she could lose everything!

So it sounds like she didn’t learn anything new after all — and never wavered when it came to believing her husband! The insider maintained Bijou is still being really positive even while going through with the divorce:

“Bijou will never say anything negative about Danny’s parenting skills, he is incredible in that department. Bijou loves Danny, always will, and really hopes that his sentence is eventually lessened and or reversed.”

So she still believes he’s innocent. But she’s not going to let that belief drain her bank account. We guess that answers that!

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Would you get divorced to protect your money??

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