The Bachelor’s Peter Weber & Kelley Flanagan Respond To Engagement Rumors

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan are reacting to those engagement rumors going around about them.

The couple, who reconnected after his relationships that stemmed from The Bachelor fell apart, have been going strong now for months.

Speaking with ET Canada, Kelley addressed the rumors that came up over the weekend, and revealed that they’re not true.

“We are loving continuing to get to know each other, having lots of great adventures and growing together,” Kelley shared. “We are very happy!”

Kelley did mention however, that she and Peter do plan to make the move to New York City next year.

Over the summer, Peter and Kelley made an appearance on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever, where they updated fans on the status of their relationship.

“I’m just very hopeful for the future,” Peter shared at the time. “This is my girl…I am very, very happy with this one.”

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