Ruby Rose Reacts To Wallis Day Being Cast As The New Kate Kane On ‘Batwoman’

Ruby Rose is sending her congratulations to Wallis Day!

If you missed it, it was revealed that Ruby‘s Batwoman character Kate Kane has been recast with Wallis.

Now, Ruby sent her love on Instagram story and said she is “stoked” about the casting.

“I’m sorry I didn’t congratulate @wallisday yesterday.. I knew about the casting beforehand and didn’t know when it aired so i forgot to,” she shared. “But I’m stoked for her! I’m seeing all the things I’m tagged in with people sad or wondering how I felt .. I feel great I have nothing but good vibes.”

Wallis also took to Instagram to express her excitement for her new role.

“Super excited to finally announce I’m joining the cast of Batwoman. I’m sure you can imagine how much this means to me and how incredible it’s been working on the show so far. It’s a huge responsibility stepping into the shoes of a character that’s already been established and it’s a journey I’m looking forward to being a part of and hoping you guys do too,” Wallis said. “Everyone’s made me feel so welcome and it’s amazing being back home with my DC family 🦇♥️”

Wallis can be seen throughout the rest of the season of Batwoman as we learn about what happened to Kate’s plane.

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