Rapper and Influencer Brax Dead at 21 ‘in Sacred Form’

Letricia Loftin, the mother of the popular social media personality, describes her late daughter’s condition as ‘completely pure’ without scratches or bruises at the time of her passing.

AceShowbiz -Rapper and influencer Brax has passed away at 21 years old. On Thursday, November 5, her mother Letricia Loftin shared the sad news on Instagram in a post which featured a montage of videos and photos of her late daughter.

“Our angel, Braxton Blue.B Baker has ascended,” Letricia wrote of her daughter, whose real name was Braxton Baker. Describing Brax’s “pure” state at the time she died, the grieving mother added, “At the time of her ascendance she laid in sacred form. There were no scratches there were no bruises, her internal and external being was completely pure. It was a spiritual release. God retrieved the angel He loaned us.”

She went on sharing about her daughter’s latest works, “Braxton was in spiritual retreat, carefully crafting and curating her art. She has since dedicated her art to humanity and healing, composing two albums and three novels. Most recently she was in the process of forming her brand merging her loves for fashion, and the work of Black queer revolutionary womxn.”

“Braxton knew that God was working through her, she had ‘vessel’ and ‘gifted’ permanently placed on her body. She knew that her brilliance and art would be shared with the world in God’s timing,” Letricia continued gushing about her daughter, promising that she and Brax’s closest ones will continue her legacy, “This is just the beginning, our whole beings are dedicated to sharing her sacred art with the world.”

Further showing her daughter’s spiritual side, Letricia concluded the post, “Braxton emphasized, ‘I’m just delivering God’s message, I’m here and it’s all beyond me. My purpose is way way far greater than me.’ ” She did not specify her daughter’s cause of death.

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Brax’s death is deeply mourned by her fans and friends, with makeup artist Scott Osbourne posting a tribute on his own page. “Wow…. I can’t even believe in typing this…,” he wrote along with a picture of Brax wearing stunning makeup. “You were such an amazing light, Man the work you created, and the work we created together will live on forever! I still remember you coming to LA to from atl to glam and have photoshoot, your art will always live on. Until we meet again, RIP Brax love you always.”

A fan wrote below Letricia’s post, “Does any one know what happened to her?? I can’t believe this sending prayers your way.” Another sent condolences, “I’m so sorry Ms. Letricia. I will forever love my braxie. Praying for peace, strength & comfort during this time.”

Brax was best known for her album “VERSE(atility)”, which was released in 2017. The album featured songs like “Lil B***h” and “Don’t Deny”.

In a 2018 interview with SVGE Magazine, she talked about her efforts to introduce the world to her music and art. “I have been using my creativity to build a unique brand for years. I’ve been directing my own shoots, directing my own videos, styling myself, writing poetry, writing articles, writing raps, choreographing dances, styling myself, and styling others like it was nothing for years,” she told the publication. “Now that I’ve embraced that power, I don’t think the world is ready.”

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