Pete Davidson Is Out Here Trying His Best to Be Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Boyfriend

Being an Instagram boyfriend/husband is a serious job. You have to get your partner’s vision. You have to get the angles right. The lighting. The perspective. Do you know when to crouch down to elongate your lover’s figure? When to step back to show that the backdrop matches the outfit? This kind of work requires an attention to detail and an intuition for subtle direction—perhaps a “look over your shoulder” or a “fix your hair on that side” or a “let’s do it again, your shoes were cut off.” It’s artistic direction. It’s emotional labor. It’s an act of love.

So imagine the pressure of fulfilling this role for Kim Kardashian, one of the most visible women on earth, who boasts 319 million Instagram followers (and counting). The responsibility lies with Pete Davidson, who just joined (or re-joined) Instagram in February. This should go well!

On her Instagram Story, Kim shared her and Pete’s “few attempts at trying to get content” during a recent trip to Tahiti. The videos showed the reality star trying out a few poses on the beach while a giggly Pete did his best to capture them from the other side of the camera.

Things got rough when Kim started working with a paddle board. “Oh he’s letting me struggle at this point,” she wrote in one caption. “I think he’s purposely letting me drift off far away,” she added in another.

But after a few hiccups, Kim ultimately ruled that Pete “turned out to be the best photog.” They even “got the cutest pics and just had so much fun trying,” she added.

Pete even got a little ambitious and tried to shoot content while he and Kim were riding bikes. “Wasn’t his best work,” Kim admitted.

But he did manage to get a sweet clip of Kim pedaling along.

And the couple got this cute little photo dump out of the whole learning experience, which Kim posted on her grid.

A for effort, Pete. Keep practicing!

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