Michael Jordan's Worn Underwear Hits Auction Block, 'Shows Definite Use'

Want a pair of Michael Jordan‘s skivvies??

If your answer is “Yes,” … you’re weird. BUT, you’re also in luck, ’cause one of the G.O.A.T.’s old pairs of draws just hit the auction block!!!

We’re serious — the MJ-worn grey and black boxer shorts are up for sale via Lelands … with a starting bid of $500!!

And, get this — the auction company says there is evidence they were, in fact, worn by His Airness — Lelands saying this priceless pair “shows definite use.”

Okay settle down, nasties … the proof is the loose threading in the shorts!!!

So, how did Lelands get their hands on Jordan’s boxers?? It turns out John Michael Wozniak, MJ’s old bodyguard (who was featured in “The Last Dance”) had them all these years!!

But don’t worry — there’s no way the draws will smell … there’s still a dry-cleaning tag on the inside of the underwear!!

The undies aren’t the only pair of MJ apparel on the block … you can also bid on everything from Jordan’s cashmere coat to suits to button down dress shirts and belts — all gifts from Wozniak.

Whoever cops those undies will have the right to be called the owner of the most unique piece of Jordan history ever!! Bidding ends on September 25 — good luck!!

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