Maya Jama has the perfect response to those “jiggle” headlines used to objectify her body

Maya Jama shouldn’t have to call out tabloid headlines about her body, but she’s just done an expert job of it.

The tabloids are obsessed with trying to write Maya Jama’s narrative for her. She’s a successful Radio 1 host and emerging actor with more than 1.5 million Instagram followers. But, perhaps unsurprisingly, the headlines would still rather focus on her relationships and her body.

Everyone who has interviewed Jama since her split from the rapper Stormzy has asked her about dating and life as a single woman. Jama recently addressed this on The Reality Tea podcast, saying she was tired of people expecting her to be “crying” and “feeling pain” during this time.

And it was only last week when, during a holiday to the Maldives, tabloids said the bikini selfie she shared was a response to her ex-boyfriend “snubbing” her. It was inconceivable to the tabloids that a holiday selfie had absolutely nothing to do with a former boyfriend.

The language used around her body – “jiggles, showcases, spilled” – proves an even bigger problem. It’s not OK to describe a woman’s body like this just because she decides to post a selfie or photograph of herself. 

But Jama is never one to let the tabloids get away with such sexism. And her latest response hits the nail on the head.

Earlier this week, Jama shared a video of her wearing a white T-shirt while doing a little dance at home and showing off her freshly blow-dried hair. “Did my own hair today, I’m very impressed,” she, rightfully, said. It’s the kind of innocuous post many of us have posted on a good hair day.

But one tabloid decided that there was more to it. “Maya Jama jiggles boobs as she puts on seductive dance in see-through shirt,” the headline reads, before introducing Jama as “Stormzy’s ex”. 

Jama called out the headline by sharing the video on Twitter, writing: “So I posted this y[ester]day on my Instagram story.”

She then shared the headline, captioning it: “[and] this is the headline I’ve just seen.”

The thread was ended with an exasperated: “… I just.”

The fans’ replies showed how fed up we all are of these headlines.

One wrote: “Can we ignore the headline and focus on how you’ve got your hair like this? Blow dried? Curling wand? I need answers.”

Another said: “Can. They. Just. NOT.”

And a third fan tweeted: “I know my eyesight is pretty bad, but I’m fairly certain that top isn’t see through! Loving your hair btw.”

Hopefully we’ll get to a point soon where such headlines won’t need to be shot down by Jama. But she’s doing a great job in the meantime. 

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