Matt Damon fans believe they've discovered star’s 'secret' Instagram

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The “Jason Bourne” actor may have unwittingly blown the lid on his undercover online identity.

Internet sleuths think they’ve proved that Matt Damon may not be as stealthy as he thought after reportedly discovering the 50-year-old Oscar winner’s “secret” Instagram account — immediately after he announced its existence.

The online caper was set in motion after the “Good Will Hunting” star revealed in an in-depth GQ interview published Wednesday that he ran a “very private Instagram account.” However, due to his highly publicized aversion to social media, Damon said he only used his incognito Insta-profile — otherwise known as a “Finsta” among younger internet users — to see his friends’ kids growing up around the world, and only occasionally to share a post of his own.

Like burying a beeper beneath a mountain, “The Departed” actor did provide a few digital breadcrumbs for social media Sherlocks to follow.

“I have 76 followers and I’ve done 40 posts since 2013,” explained the social media chameleon, before showing interviewer Chris Heath an Insta-pic of his 15-year-old daughter Isabella brandishing two middle fingers.

The online caper was set in motion after Damon revealed in an in-depth GQ interview published Wednesday that he ran a ‘very private Instagram account.’
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It didn’t take long for Twitter detectives to announce they’d cracked the case.

“i found matt damon’s finsta and honestly it shouldn’t have taken an hour,” tweeted one such inspector, along with a screenshot of a profile whose name features a none-too-cleverly concealed anagram for “Matt Damon.” Not to mention that the follower and post counts were exactly what the movie star mentioned in the interview.

Social media was also tipped off by the fact that the “Ford vs. Ferrari” actor’s purported finstagram is followed by multiple verified celebrities including actors Chris Hemsworth and Pedro Pascal as well as photographer and documentary director Sam Jones.

Let’s just say that if this is indeed the right handle, Damon’s digital disguise wasn’t exactly “Talented Mr. Ripley”-esque.

Meanwhile, Damon’s not the first public figure to attempt to go undercover on social media. Other notable Gram-ouflage artists include former President Barack Obama, Utah Sen. Mitt Romney (Twitter’s “Pierre Delecto”) as well as disgraced “Social Network” star and alleged cannibal Armie Hammer, on which he posted apparently shameful pics of his alleged sexploits.

Reps for Damon did not respond to The Post’s request for comment about the covert account.

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