'Masked Singer' Wild Card Performer Has Rolodex of Famous Friends

The wild card for Wednesday night’s ‘Masked Singer’ was able to put together a whole performance in just one day, in part because they’ve got a phone filled with some music biz heavy hitters.

The singer will appear as Pepper when they hit the stage, but came on “TMZ Live” sans the big red costume — but still concealing their identity — to tell us the crazy story of how they ended up on the show.

After another contestant had to drop out, producers dialed up our hot-headed friend here … giving them very little time to get their act together. Pepper says it set off a whirlwind 24 hours filled with learning dance moves, trying on costumes and the biggest hurdle — getting clearance to sing famous songs.

Pep definitely made it seem like that last part — clearing songs — was easiest, because turns out they happen to know a bunch of big-time performers … maybe even Bob Dylan, based on a little quip they dropped with us.

Look, we couldn’t figure it out, but there were plenty of hints — so, see if you can figure it out. Either way, Pepper will make its big debut on “The Masked Singer” tonight.

And, watch this clip for one more big hint … involving tissues. 🤔

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