Lewis Capaldi’s ‘crass’ response to ex Paige Turley discussing their romance

Lewis Capaldi has revealed his very 'crass' response if Paige Turley does dishe the dirt on their failed romance – which he admits has netted him a fortune.

The 23-year-old singer dated the reality TV star, 22, when they were 18-years-old only to endure a bitter break up two years later.

Over the past year, Lewis has achieved huge success with songs about his heartbreak while Paige recently bagged a spot – and went on to win – the latest series of Love Island after being 'outed' as his ex.

Despite popular belief, Lewis has revealed he doesn't mind one bit if Paige uses her platform to speak about him.

"This sounds very crass, but when you go out with a singer they can write songs about you and make money from that. So she’s got every right to talk about it, too," he said in an interview with the Independent.

He also added that he and Paige are still on great terms.

Though their friendship hit a rough patch when Paige found herself on the front page of a national newspaper accused of breaking Lewis' heart when his break-up ballad hit the big time.

"It’s tough, if you don’t invite that attention," he said. "I’m quite thick-skinned, so I willingly stepped into it. And with Love Island it’s on Paige’s terms,” he explained.

Paige revealed this week that Lewis text her to say congratulations after she won the ITV2 dating show with boyfriend Finn Tapp.

The Scottish stunner had opted to keep their relationship a secret while she was in the villa but was forced to confess when it came up in a task.

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While Lewis also kept-tight lipped on his ex appearing on the show, until he stepped on stage at the BRIT Awards last month.

While collecting his award, Lewis – swigging from a bottle of Buckfast – announced to the O2 Arena: "Contrary to popular belief, a lot of people think this song is about my ex-girlfriend, who you can now see every night on Love Island."

He later revealed the main song on his album about Paige is Bruises.

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