Levin: Duchess Meghan would refuse to stay with Prince Charles, apparently

Prince Charles clearly leaked a story about how he, a “doting grandfather,” invited the Sussex family to stay with him if and when they travel to the UK this spring. Charles wants it both ways, he wants to blame Harry for the toxic father-son dynamic, and Charles wants credit for extending the olive branch to his “wayward” son. I’m absolutely positive that Prince Harry has read this play and seen variations of it a million times before. Harry knows when he’s being used as a prop in his father’s PR. That being said, Harry and Meghan haven’t confirmed either way if they’re actually going to try to visit the UK this spring, so all of the stories about “where will they stay” and “they would never stay with Charles” is just keen busywork for the royal reporters, none of whom have access to H&M. Speaking of someone with no access, Angela Levin has some thoughts about this story.

Meghan Markle is unlikely to stay with Prince Charles in the UK as it will be “awkward” following the family’s very public row, an expert has said. The Prince of Wales reportedly invited the Sussexes to stay with him when they are next in the UK and has told Prince Harry he’d love to see his grandchildren.

But royal biographer Angela Levin believes the likelihood of Meghan and Harry accepting such an invitation is slim – as it would be too awkward. The royal author told the Sun Online: “Of course when you are married your partner has a say in it all and I don’t believe Meghan ever wants to come back here. She would find it very difficult to stay with Prince Charles and the duchess [of Cornwall] because I think she would be quite awkward about it all.”

Meghan was previously said to have shared a “close bond” with her father-in-law, who walked her down the aisle on her and Harry’s wedding day. The two are even said to have bonded over their shared interest for art, culture and history.

Angela Levin explained: “I think Prince Charles loves Harry and he’s been devastated by his behaviour – he’s making a hugely important offer, you’d think he could feel resentful but hes not going down that route. He’s trying to encourage Harry into the royal fold not necessarily into the Royal Family but into being good friends. I think Charles is very brave, very honourable and it should really be Harry that apologies to him and try to get back in his good books but I think this looks as though it’s the other way round. He could make a very nice weekend for them and [Harry and Meghan] could still find criticisms there.”

[From The Sun]

So Levin has created a little fictional world where Meghan would refuse to stay with Charles because of the awkwardness (??) and Harry would refuse to apologize to his father for… something, and basically Meghan isn’t even welcome in the UK anymore for reasons! As I said, it’s just busywork and treading water for royal commentators. They don’t even mind that they lost access, because they know that Charles, William, Kate and the Middletons will talk to them endlessly about the Sussexes.

Also: between Harry and Meghan, Meg is the more conciliatory one, mark my words. She was always the one who wanted to compromise, to make some kind of peace. Levin is trying to say “well, Meghan would refuse to come and Harry will follow her lead!” No, that’s not the dynamic. Meghan is like “well, maybe it would be nice to visit” and Harry is like “I WILL BURN THIS PALACE DOWN.”

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