Justin Bieber hints new studio album is on the way, more news

Justin Bieber shares a new album update

Justin Bieber’s fans had reason to get excited on Tuesday, Jan. 26, after the singer shared hints about his next new studio album on Instagram. One post showed Justin making a silly face while standing behind the sound board in the studio — “How this album makes me feel,” he captioned the shot. Another pic showed him checking out a piece of paper that he said in the caption contained the track list for “the new album.” A third post, meanwhile, featured Justin rocking out at the drums. “Tryna find that deeeeeep pocket… ,” he wrote, describing the groove. “So fun using our potential and watching it blossom,” he continued. He went on to write that he was “grateful for the gifts god has given me,” before shouting out his wife, Hailey Bieber. “Go out there today and maximize your potential,” he urged followers, “… and watch fulfillment in your heart start to grow.!” After taking a break from music in 2017, Justin slowly made his way back to the pop scene, releasing “Changes” in February 2020 and a handful of singles. His next studio album will be his sixth full-length.

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Jennifer Lopez reiterates she’s never used Botox: ‘I don’t have to lie about things’

Jennifer Lopez is going on the record again about whether she has or has not tweaked her face at some point in her 51 years. Speaking to People in an interview published this week, J.Lo assured readers she was telling the truth when she responded to an Instagram user earlier this month by saying she’s, “never done Botox or any injectables or surgery.” In the interview, she explained why it frustrated her to be accused of lying, not only to fans but to potential customers interested in trying out items from her JLo Beauty Line. “I don’t judge anybody. If you want to do Botox and injectables, that’s fine! But I don’t want people lying on me and saying, ‘Oh, she’s trying to make believe that this stuff works,'” she said. “No, I’m telling you what I do that works! Please don’t call me a liar. I don’t have to lie about things. I’ve been pretty honest about my whole life. If I had, I would say, ‘Yeah, you’re right,’ but I don’t want people going, ‘Stop lying, you’re doing this, you’re doing that,’ when that’s just not true,” she continued. “I just felt it had to be set straight, but in a loving way. And one of my big beauty secrets is that I try to be kind to others and lift up other women. I think that that is important for us to do for each other instead of trying to tear people down.” The IG user in question was responding to a selfie Jennifer shared that showed off the results of one of her new skincare products.

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Tory Lanez seeks right to respond to Megan Thee Stallion shooting allegations

Rapper Tory Lanez wants a change to the court order preventing him from speaking publicly about allegations he shot Megan Thee Stallion in the feet last summer. In court documents filed by Tory’s lawyer on Tuesday, Jan. 26, and excerpted by People, the attorney points to Megan’s recent tweets — in which she called him an “abuser” and doubled down on her version of the shooting story — and says because Tory’s been muzzled by the court, he can’t “clarify” his side of what happened. His “failure to respond” to what she describes as Megan’s “inflammatory and misleading statements may be interpreted as conceding to her claims,” Tory’s lawyer states. “Her claims are and will be sharply disputed and contradicted by the evidence in this case,” the attorney continues, citing what she says is “gunshot residue implicating others.” Megan’s tweets came in response to an online news report claiming charges against Tory had been dropped, when they had not. Instead, the hearing date had been pushed back to Feb. 25. Tory faces one felony count each on charges of “assault with a semiautomatic firearm, personal use of a firearm, and carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle,” according to People. He has denied all the allegations.

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HFPA announces Jane Fonda as its next Cecil B. deMille Award recipient

Next month, Jane Fonda is set to add another accolade to her long list of Golden Globes honors when the seven-time Globes winner is honored with this year’s Cecil B. de Mille Award, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced on Tuesday, Jan. 26. “For more than five decades, Jane’s breadth of work has been anchored in her unrelenting activism, using her platform to address some of the most important social issues of our time,” HFPA President Ali Sar said (per Deadline). “Her undeniable talent has gained her the highest level of recognition, and while her professional life has taken many turns, her unwavering commitment to evoking change has remained.” The prestigious Cecil B. de Mille Award recipient is chosen by the HFPA’s Board of Directors and bestowed upon someone who’s made “a lasting impact on the film industry,” according to deadline. The Oscar-winning 83-year-old actress, producer, actress and author currently stars in “Grace & Frankie.” The Golden Globes air Sunday, Feb. 28, on NBC.

Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa, shares moving tribute to the late NBA star and their daughter, Gianna, one year after fatal crash

For family, friends and fans of the extended Los Angeles Lakers and Bryant families, Tuesday, Jan. 26, was a difficult milestone full of memories. One year ago Tuesday, a helicopter carrying basketball great, Kobe Bryant, 41, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven others crashed in Calabasas, California, cutting short the lives of everyone on board. Kobe’s wife, Vanessa Bryant, was among the many stars who shared moving tributes to Kobe, Gianna, and the others, on social media this week. Sharing a letter she’d received from Aubrey, a close friend of her late daughter, Vanessa wrote, “I love you Aubz (as my Gigi would call you). Thank you so much for beautifully sharing some of your memories of my Gigi with me and allowing me to share them here on my ig.” She continued, “My Gigi is INCREDIBLE and I truly appreciate your thoughtful letter. She loves you so much. I miss my baby girl and Kob-Kob so much, too. ♥️I will never understand why/how this tragedy could’ve happened to such beautiful, kind and amazing human beings. It still doesn’t seem real. Kob, we did it right. Gigi, you still make mommy proud. I love you!” Other celebs who weighed in on Instagram and Twitter included Magic Johnson, Viola Davis, Michael B. Jordan, Alex Rodriguez and more.

Dax Shepard explains why he was afraid of revealing he’d fallen off the wagon to fans

It turns out Dax Shepard was initially “terrified” to let fans in on the fact that 16 years into his sobriety, he’d fallen off the wagon. But as he told Ellen DeGeneres on the Tuesday, Jan. 26, edition of her show, he was able to see the situation from a different perspective thanks to a pal. In the end, he came clean about his slip on his “Armchair Expert” podcast in September. “I had all kinds of bizarre fears,” he recalled while talking to Ellen. “I get so much esteem out of being someone who is vocally sober. I have people who write me, ‘I’m month one,’ or, ‘I’m week two.’ I love that. That’s my favorite thing about being in public. I was terrified I would lose that. I really cherish that.” His friend, however, reminded him that honesty is way more importantwhen it comes to inspiring others. “I have a good friend that said, ‘You know, if your real goal is to help people, it’s not really helpful that you’re 16 years sober and married to Kristen Bell,” said Dax, 46. “‘That doesn’t help a ton of people. In fact, it probably makes their life worse. So that fact that you just fell, that’s the actual value. That’s the thing you could do that’s helpful.'” Dax added, “When it was framed that was to me, it got a lot easier.”

Justin Timberlake opens up about parenting in the spotlight without forcing his family to be ‘weirdly private’

Now that they have two kids — 5-year-old Silas and Phineas, 6 months — Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are being extra careful about the intersections of their high-profile jobs and their role as parents. “I try to be conscious of making sure we can live a life where we’re not weirdly private, but we’re conscious of making sure they can be kids for as long as possible,” Justin said in the latest edition of Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert podcast. The singer added that he also works hard to avoid “the weight of somebody else treating them differently because of something that their parents do” fall on his kids’ shoulders. Dax, who shares two young daughters with actress Kristen Bell, knows just how his guest feels. “I have that great fear that kids are going to hang out with them solely because of that or resent them because of that,” he admitted (via the Daily Mail). Later on in the show, the guys compared notes on warning their kids not to tell their little friends that their parents voiced any characters in the massively popular “Frozen” and “Trolls” films. (Kristen has played Anna in the “Frozen” franchise while JT was the voice of Branch in the “Trolls” series.) “For guys like us, you know, the hope is that we just keep instilling in them that we got really fun jobs,” Justin concluded, “… but it’s not who we are.”

Clare Crawley spotted with a ring on her left hand after Dale Moss split

It looks like Clare Crawley is still committed to herself, if not to Dale Moss. In the wake of the former “Bachelorette” couple’s split, Clare stepped out in Sacramento, California, this week with a ring sparkling away on her left ring finger. First spotted by Page Six, the outlet suspects it’s not Dale’s engagement ring but rather the bauble Clare wore during her tenure on the reality show as what she called on Instagram, “a commitment to myself first and foremost, to embody self-love.” The same day Clare was spotted with her ring on, Dale posted a follow-up to the allegedly “mutual” breakup announcement Clare said she was surprised by last week. “There’s no one person to blame,” Dale, who’s been accused of having cheated on Clare, said of the split on Monday, Jan. 25. “Building a relationship, in general, is tough, especially when you’re doing it in the public eye, and the media will take things and run with them.”

Mary-Kate Olsen granted divorce from Olivier Sarkozy

Nearly a year after Mary-Kate Olsen filed a petition to divorce Olivier Sarkozy, a judge in New York has OK’d their settlement agreement and granted the divorce. Us Weekly reports Mary-Kate, 34, and Olivier, 51, saw their case stalled by coronavirus pandemic-related court backlogs before they finally met at a virtual hearing on Jan. 13 to finalize their remaining separation details. According to an Us source, the former couple had an “ironclad prenup” that protected Mary-Kate’s business interests and accumulated wealth. She married Olivier, a banker and the half-brother of Nicolas Sarkozy, the former president of France, in 2015.

FKA Twigs recalls being subjected to racist bullying while dating Robert Pattinson

Looking back on her three-year romance with Robert Pattinson, FKA Twigs is still affected by hurtful things the “Twilight” alum’s fans said to her and called her at the time. “People just called me the most hurtful and ignorant and horrible names on the planet,” she told Louis Theroux recently on the “Grounded” podcast (per NME). “He was their white Prince Charming and they considered he should be with someone white and blonde. It’s essentially bullying and it does affect you psychologically.” Twigs and Rob eventually got engaged before they called it quits in 2017. Her next high-profile relationship was with Shia LaBeouf, who she’s now suing for sexual battery, emotional distress and physical assault. Shia, she said on the podcast, made her, “feel like the worst person ever.” And while it was difficult to relive her alleged abuse, she said she’s now being open about the relationship, “because it is something in society that’s a really big problem and it’s really common, but for some reason, we don’t talk about it.”

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