Jess Wright says her family are in talks to film Kardashian-style TV show

Jess Wright has revealed her family are in talks to have their own Kardashian-style reality TV show.

The former TOWIE star has shared the exciting news that after years of speculation, ITV are close to giving the green light to the new TV show, which will also star model Natalya Wright and the pair’s footballer brother Josh Wright.

The Essex family have become all but royalty on ITV’s reality TV show, and have finally reached the stage of advanced talks about the project, following the success of Jess' wedding show.

It will centre around Jess, 36, Josh, 32, and Natalya, 21, and will also feature regular appearances from their parents Carol and Mark Senior.

In an interview with MailOnline, Jess revealed that their grandmother Irene is also being lined up to take part, too.

Irene would become the new “family matriarch” after the passing of Jess’s Nanny Pat.

“There is interest now about doing a series following our family, on the back of the show about my wedding,” Jess told the publication.

“It's been rumoured for years but now is the right time because my brother Josh is having a baby, and I might be starting to have my own family soon, so it just feels like the natural time to do it.

“There are so many of us, so many characters and we're used to being around the cameras as well.

“It's second nature to us,” the star added.

Jess also teased that her brother Mark Wright and his wife Michelle Keegan, both 34, could even make cameo appearances on the reality show, but they’re unlikely to become regulars given their busy careers.

The social media influencer, who got married to her husband William Lee-Kemp in September, went on to say her Nanny Irene is “quite a character” and could become the star of the show.

Jess said her grandmother was “a bit shy” back during the Wright family’s TOWIE days so she was only in it in “very small doses” but insisted “now she would do” a reality series.

It comes as Jess and Natalya attended the ITV Palooza gala in London Tuesday evening.

The sisters looked stunning in black dresses and posed on the blue carpet as they rubbed shoulders with a slew of other celebrities for the channel's annual showcase.

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