Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter suffers wardrobe malfunction as she models skintight outfit

Emily Clarkson distracted by cat-callers on the street

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27-year-old Emily Clarkson has shared a scantily clad moment in her car with her 227,000 followers, showcasing a star strategically placed between her open legs.

“Behind every cool transition video, there’s a public indecency lawsuit just waiting to happen,” she quipped.

Behind every cool transition video, there’s a public indecency lawsuit just waiting to happen

Em Clarkson

Emily was busy filming a campaign to promote the Sweaty Betty Black Friday sale when she suffered her wardrobe malfunction.

The star had to change clothes in the car to show off the skintight workout clothes from the sale in her video.

However, Emily struggled to make the quick change without accidentally revealing too much.

Photographer Fifi Newbury, who was tagged in the picture, must have received an eyeful.

Em has revealed in the past how she turned down a spot on Love Island as she could not bear the thought of having sex on TV with the risk of her parents watching.

She also feared she would be trolled for her “stomach rolls” and potential skin rashes.

However, the candid star didn’t shy away from posting her wardrobe mishap on her social media account yesterday evening, to be met with nearly 13,000 likes.

The personality, who is engaged to publicist Alex Andrew, had been getting changed in her car at the time and was pictured with one trouser leg half on, before transitioning into a pair of khaki camouflage-style leggings.

The post received some celebrity attention, with model Jodie Kidd (@jodiekiddoffical) rushing to her rescue in the comments and admitting: ” Been caught out many times! Very embarrassing especially when wearing Spanx!”

After sharing a crying with laughter emoji, mrsbrown02 offered some advice: “recommend looking into a dry robe/changing robe, they are great for the beach but would definitely help in this situation too!!”

y3hye appeared preoccupied with other issues, however, quipping: “The only thing indecent is the car!”

It is uncertain whether her Top Gear presenter dad would agree.

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scott_dunn_ joked of the mishap: “Is this part of one of you dads car reviews? [sic] ‘Is there room to change your trousers in the back?'”

Another Instagrammer, stksans, chose to hone in on her fashion choices, enquiring: “Didn’t anyone teach you that polka dot and camo don’t go together?”

However, dawn2518 praised: “Just love that you don’t seem to care which is just brilliant.”

Em’s bio describes her as a “professional oversharer”, and this photo series is perhaps a prime example of that trait.

Just one day earlier, she had posted a thoughtful caption arguing that photos are an incomplete depiction of people, as “you can’t see your warmth in the mirror”.

Em – who had chosen to portray herself gazing into the mirror clad in lacy black lingerie – argued: “We will never see ourselves as we truly are.

“That’s because we are trying to define ourselves by a reflection.”

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