Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Just Won the "Flip the Switch" Challenge

It’s already been established that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are relationship goals, but their “Flip the Switch” challenge further solidified that and ushered them into the TikTok hall of fame.

Jennifer’s been pretty active on TikTok ever since she absolutely crushed the Super Bowl Halftime Show, but she doesn’t typically dabble in all the challenges you might see all over your feed. But lucky for all of us, she recruited the help of her fiancé to take on the “Flip the Switch” challenge. Basically the challenge is when two people stand in front of a mirror listening to Drake’s “Nonstop” and turn off the lights and switch places and outfits when Drake raps “look, I just flipped the switch.” It’s incredibly simple yet so, so good.

So Jennifer started her TikTok wearing a white backless body-con dress and hoop earrings. Alex was wearing khakis, a white button-up shirt, navy blazer, and sunglasses. The clip started with Jennifer doing body rolls and Alex looking straight ahead, but after the lights turned off and they switched places, you can see Alex changed into Jennifer’s dress and earrings and Jennifer donned his clothes and ended up looking like a chic security guard.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have created the best “Flip the Switch” TikTok that I have seen so far. 😂

Of course, Jennifer and Alex aren’t the only public figures to take on this challenge and comedian Kate McKinnon and Senator Elizabeth Warren made their own version while filming Saturday Night Live.

It’s so good it almost made me forget about what a mess 2020 already is!

Clearly there’s no topping these two TikToks, so let’s just go back to attempting the Renegade dance, shall we?

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