ITV boss says we’ll never know reason behind Caroline Flack’s ‘unbelievably tragic’ death

The head of ITV has spoken out on Caroline Flack 's tragic death almost three weeks after the presenter took her own life.

Caroline was found dead at her London home at the age of 40, with her passing later being ruled as suicide.

Dame Carolyn McCall, the chief executive of the former Love Island host's ex-employer, has now said everybody at the channel is "devastated" by the news.

The 58 year old touched on the Strictly Come Dancing winner's death as she spoke at the Enders and Deloitte's Media and Telecoms conference in London.

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She said: "I think the thing about Caroline Flack is that ITV are absolutely devastated by what happened to her.

"So many people at ITV knew Caroline, including me, and it was unbelievably tragic.

"I think that we can never know what is behind suicide. It is not in any way simple. It is a very, very complex thing."

Carolyn continued to add that ITV will continue to take advice from mental health charity Samaritans, who ran adverts during Love Island following Caroline's death.

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It was also revealed on Thursday that the Crown Prosecutor Service had cleared itself of any wrongdoing while pressing ahead with charging Caroline Flack with assault by beating.

The CPS announced earlier this week that it would be launching a review into the way it handled the late star's case after she was arrested and charged in December.

The review has since come to a close, with a spokesperson for the CPs confirming they had acted "appropriately and in line with [the] published legal guidance."

However, the speedy review has since been criticised by lawyers who believe the prosecutors couldn't have "considered the wider picture at all".

Criminal barrister Chris Daw QC slammed the CPS for the secrecy around the review and the lack of transparency over it, despite the fact that the prosecutors had announced they would most likely "not comment on the outcome."

"It's a disgrace," he said, before adding: "It’s an opportunity to take a fresh look at mental health in prosecution decision-making.

"Instead they have had a behind-closed-doors review which, let’s be honest, if it has been done in this time-frame can’t have considered the wider picture at all."

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The barrister also said he believes the CPS shouldn't have pursued the case because of Caroline's mental health struggles.

He added that he feels it is "outrageous" that the full report from the review has not and will not be made public.

Chris continued: "If this is just ticking a box, based on the existing way of doing things, then it's likely to be an expensive waste of time. We need radical reform."

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