Is 'The Jinx' Robert Durst Faking Dementia To Evade Murder Trial?!

Is “The Jinx” trying to press his luck??

If you aren’t familiar with the case of Robert Durst, well, have we got a documentary miniseries and Ryan Gosling movie to recommend to you!

In short, the real estate heir has been connected to multiple disappearances and murders over the years. His first wife, Kathleen McCormack, disappeared in 1982 — a mystery which remains unsolved. In 2000, the friend who had provided him an alibi for Kathleen’s disappearance, Susan Berman, was found shot in the head, execution-style.

In 2001, Durst was arrested and charged with the murder of his elderly neighbor, a man named Morris Black. Durst admitted to dismembering and disposing of Black’s body but claimed the killing was in self defense. Somehow the jury bought all that, along with a legal defense which leaned heavily on Durst having Asperger’s syndrome, which they explained his otherwise incredibly suspicious, even murderer-like behavior. He was acquitted, pleading guilty to tampering with evidence.

After seeing the film All Good Things, which was inspired by his case, Durst agreed to be interviewed for what became the 2015 HBO documentary The Jinx. Infamously, he was recorded on a hot mic while on a restroom break, saying to himself:

“What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course.”

Shortly after, Durst was arrested again and officially charged with the murder of Susan Berman, apparently thanks to new evidence apart from his apparent confession.

OK, so that brings us to the present…

The murder trial only just resumed last month after an extended delay due to the pandemic. And it’s already facing yet another delay.

Durst did not show up on Thursday; Judge Mark E. Windham explained to the court:

“Mr. Durst is not here. We understand he is in the jail hospital because of some incident this morning involving his health.”

The jury was sent home, with the trial set to resume on Monday.

Apparently the defense is trying to get the trial postponed indefinitely, citing Durst’s bladder cancer diagnosis (he has appeared in a wheelchair throughout all his court proceedings).

According to Law & Crime, Deputy District Attorney John Lewin took issue with the motion, telling the court:

“So, I have no idea whether this is legitimate or not, but obviously, given his history, it is certainly suspect as to what his actual condition is.”

Lewin also told the judge sources inside the prison claims that Durst had told them he planned to “fake dementia” and “secure a mistrial due to COVID-19.” The prosecutor commented:

“It’s very clear that the defense and the defendant want this trial to go away.”

Ultimately the judge said he had to “trust the doctors” in this case, saying:

“He’ll be brought to court if he’s good for court in the doctor’s opinion at the jail, and he will not be brought to court if he’s too ill for court. And I trust that judgment also.”

But is Durst faking all of it? Is he really planning on faking dementia?? The thing is, after everything we’ve learned about him over the years, it’s hard to just take the man at his word.

What do YOU think??

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