Gaby Roslin gets ‘emotional’ as she talks relationship with Chris Evans ‘Love him deeply’

Ricky Wilson asks Gaby Roslin if she’s ‘dethroning’ Chris Evans

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TV and radio presenter Gaby Roslin has candidly addressed her close relationship with former TV co-star Chris Evans, revealing that she will always “love and respect him”. The pair worked together in the 1990s on The Big Breakfast before Chris left the Channel 4 show to set up his own TV production company, Ginger Productions.

The relationship that we had has never really gone away

Gaby Roslin

Opening up about her relationship with the radio DJ, Gaby told how she still has “so much love” for her former co-star.

She said: “Working with Chris, I said it very publicly the other day and I feel it very strongly, I am so protective over him.

“I respect him deeply, I love him deeply, and the feeling and the relationship that we had has never really gone away.”

Chris and Gabby presented The Big Breakfast together for two years from 1992 up until his departure in 1994.

A year later, Chris went on to host the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

Gaby went on to explain why it was that her and Chris got on so well, attributing their close relationship to their similarities.

“I think one of the reasons for that is that we both brought ourselves to it, there was no c**p around it,” she said.

Speaking directly to podcast host Kate Thornton, Gaby said: “You know me well enough – what you see is what you get with me, and it is with Chris as well.

“And we both look at things, I suppose we both – we want it to work.”

The TV star went on to explain that she’ll go out of her way to make someone happy, which is the same for her ex-colleague.

Gaby said: “I’ll look at something and – if I play a game of tennis which I’m really c**p at, I’ll fall over the net to make somebody laugh to make it work.

“And Chris will say, ‘Right, let’s get the shot in’, then he’ll line it up.

“So the two of us together are very passionate about what we do, and we both love what we do, and we both know we’re lucky to do what we do.

“But also, Chris is a master, I have so much love and respect for him I get very emotional when I talk about Chris and I always will,” she told the podcast host on White Wine Question Time.

Despite being incredibly close, the pair have always denied they were ever more than friends.

At present, she is married to David Osmon, while Chris tied the knot with Natasha Shishmanian in 2007.

In 2010, Chris started presenting The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, taking over hosting responsibilities from Sir Terry Wogan on BBC Radio 2.

Gaby had also worked with the broadcaster on The Terry and Gaby Show which ran for a year from 2003.

As well as citing Chris as a “great teacher”, Gaby also gave the label to former colleague Terry and her broadcaster father, Clive Roslin.

Clive was one of the presenters on BBC 2 and LBC.

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