Gaby Roslin explains the real reason behind her decision to give up drinking

Gaby Roslin has opened up about why she’s ditched booze for the past five years and how she wishes she’d done so earlier for the sake of her health.

The veteran presenter ditched booze five years ago and has admitted that it was down to how debilitating alcohol was for her when she drank.

“I wish I’d given up booze earlier and I wish I’d known how much better I’d feel for it,” she told Prima magazine. “I gave up five years ago because of my walking – if I had a hangover, then I didn’t walk.

“I’m lucky I didn’t have a problem and I didn’t drink very much. But the wonderful joy of not drinking is being about to leave a party. I can just say, ‘Okay, I’m going now, bye.’ I don’t miss it.”

The 59-year-old who is now host of Gaby’s Talking Pictures on Radio 4, graces the cover of the mag’s November edition.

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She also discussed dealing with getting older in her industry and how “lucky” she has been to still be working after 30 years in it.

“There’s a lot of ageism out there,” she told the publication. “It’s no secret in my industry, but it’s everywhere. You can’t do this or that if you’re a certain age.

“No! I’m lucky that I’ve carried on working, but I have friends who have experienced it. I know an actor who, at 55, was going for the part of someone older than her and was told that she was too old. They cast a 40-year-old. That’s so wrong.”

Back in 2019, Gaby revealed on Chris Evans’ Virgin Radio Breakfast Show that she had been teetotal.

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Explaining how she had made the lifestyle overhaul since her 90s wild days, Gaby explained she hadn’t drunk in 15 months.

She explained she felt “really good for you mentally and physically” after switching out just drinking at the weekend to not drinking at all.

The November 2023 issue of Prima is now on sale.

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