Embarrassing! Piers Morgan left feeling sick as England get humiliated in Ashes loss

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Taking to Twitter to lament the loss in view of his 7.9 million viewers, a disheartened Piers Morgan candidly revealed he was left feeling “sick” in the wake of England’s loss to Australia.

The 56-year-old media personality is passionate about sport, and had been hoping for a different result.

“England all out 68 – and the Ashes are gone in the most humiliating manner imaginable,” he fumed.

“Congrats to Australia on being way too good for us, and to Scotty Boland – who I’d never heard of a week ago! – on one of the all-time great Ashes bowling performances.

“I feel sick.”

In one previous tweet, he had described the action as a “cremation” for his beloved home team.

Meanwhile, in another, he had raged: “FFS – show some b****y fight, England, this is embarrassing. #Ashes”

The Australian team had snatched victory from Britain by an innings and 14 runs at the Melbourne Cricket Ground this festive season, and, much to the disappointment of patriotic Piers, they now hold a 3-0 lead with just two matches left to play.

Piers took a break from getting involved in a fierce debate about the Covid vaccine to add further opinions about the England team last night.

“This won’t be a popular opinion but @root66 should continue as England captain despite this debacle,” he insisted.

“He’s our best player, has carried the side all year on his prodigious batting shoulders, and shouldn’t be the sacrificial lamb for an abject team display.

“They let him down.”

However, when England head coach Chris Silverwood appeared in the media to discuss the “positives” of their humiliating defeat, Piers turned on him and unleashed his frustration.

Chris had turned to strategising to console the team, arguing: “We have to find a way of competing against [Australia].

“There are positives coming out of this.”

Piers clearly didn’t agree, hitting back: ” The only b****y positives from this fiasco were the Covid test results.”

The star’s Twitter followers were quick to voice their agreement.

“Is this the worst England performance ever?” Jayke1981 questioned in response.

“We won the World Cup for heaven’s sake, how can we be so bad at test cricket?”

Archie009 shared Piers’ sense of humiliation, agreeing: “Getting skittled by a 32 year old journeyman making his debut is just rubbing salt into the gaping wound.”

HarringtonMatt_ had an idea to soften the blow, arguing: “Should pay compensation to everyone who bought a ticket to day 3.”

Meanwhile, jon1flatt cursed his decision to stay awake to catch the action Down Under, blasting: “What a waste of sleep! Absolute batting horror show!!”

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