Elizabeth Warren drops out of the primary, hasn’t decided who to endorse

After months of erasure, Senator Elizabeth Warren suddenly became big news this week. She only became big news because everyone knew she was going to drop out, and the question of “which ancient dude will she endorse?” It just… sucks. Elizabeth Warren had concrete plans. She was a competent, brilliant woman who could explain almost everything. She was able to take down Michael Bloomberg in a matter of minutes. She would have been stunning in a debate against Donald Trump. But no one gave her the time of day. It started with the media – none of the pundits ever acted like Warren had a chance at the nomination, and it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. I blame the voters too – regular people were scared to vote for a woman, scared that OTHER people wouldn’t vote for a woman and that it would be Hillary Clinton all over.

On Thursday, Sen. Warren dropped out of the race. She announced it to her people and then made a speech by her home in Massachusetts. She did not endorse anyone as she dropped out, which I think is completely fair and justified. I voted for her in the Virginia primary for many reasons – one, I thought she was the most qualified candidate and she was the person I most wanted to see as president. Two, I knew that she was not going to end up as the nominee, but I wanted her to have enough votes to ensure that she had her own constituency, and that her endorsement would f–king mean something. She says she needs time to consider who she’ll endorse, if she endorses anyone. Give her time.

As she dropped out, Warren’s supporters, friends and coworkers posted #ThankYouElizabeth tweets, many of which were beautiful tributes to the work of this extraordinary woman. Then Sen. Warren’s beloved dog Bailey ate his feelings when he grabbed a staffer’s burrito. LET BAILEY HAVE ALL THE BURRITOS.

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