Christine McGuinness breaks down in tears as she opens up on ‘hard morning’ with three autistic children

Christine McGuinness has broken down in tears in an emotional Instagram upload as she opens up on the struggles of raising three autistic children.

The 31 year old shares six year old twins Penelope and Leo and three year old daughter Felicity — who all have autism — with husband Paddy McGuinness, 46.

Speaking in the heartbreaking clip, posted to her 336,000 followers, Christine tears up as she sits in her car.

She said: "Hello, I don't want to bring anyone's mood down, but I just want to show the reality of being a mum of autistic children.

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"Sometimes it's not fun, today was just a really bad morning. I know it will be fine later but this is what you don't see.

"I am fine and I'm upset for my children, this was just a bad morning, and I'll have a good day, it's just sometimes it's not always fun.

"I don't want to bring anyone down, I just think it's important to show it's not always fine and lovely and they're all doing great and they are, they're all doing brilliant, but it's hard, it's bloody hard," she continued.

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The Real Housewives of Cheshire star then dabbed her face with a tissue as she joked that a cup of tea and blow dry will cheer her up.

She laughed: "You won't even recognise me. I'm gonna have a whole transformation. I'm gonna look fabulous later."

Later in the day, Christine was reunited with Paddy as she shared a gorgeous selfie of the pair enjoying a coffee.

Christine wrote: "Thats better! Thank you all so much for your lovely DMs today.

"Sometimes my heart breaks a little bit for my babies but they mend it very quickly! I'm so lucky to have you all supporting us on here, thank you."

Christine recently opened up on how she's found ways to cope in an exclusive interview with OK! magazine.

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She said: "Now the twins are in school and Felicity is in nursery, I do have a few hours a day to myself.

"Being able to nip to the gym is essential for my mental health. In the early years of motherhood, I would say no to everything. Red carpets, family birthdays, weddings…

"But having that bit of freedom is so vital when you're a full-time carer. What I don't like is to be alone.

"When I'm home on my own, I have the TV on. I don't like to be alone with my thoughts. I try to distract myself all the time."

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