Chris Lopez to Reveal “My Truth” in New Documentary; Kailyn Lowry Responds in Epic Fashion

Chris Lopez is the father of Kailyn Lowry's third child, Lux.

He's also the father of Kailyn Lowry's unborn fourh child, a son expected to arrive some time this summer.

Beyond those two facts, what do we really know about Chris Lopez? What do we really know about his past and present with the Teen Mom 2 star?

Not much, right?

But Lopez is intent on educating the public… via an actual documentary he claims to be making that will enable his truth to — at last — come out.

Yes, you guys, Chris Lopez is filming a documentary.

Scroll down to see what he has to say about it, and to then read Lowry's response to this hilarious move:

1.Who is Chris Lopez Again?

2.Did He Actually Date Kailyn?

3.Does He Get Along with Lowry?

4.What's the Truth Here?

5.Please Tell Us More…

6.Get Ready, Haters!

7.Things That's Been Said

8.Why Didn't He Just Go on Teen Mom 2?

9.No Holding Back!

10.Will Anyone Actually Watch This?

11.What Has Kailyn Said About Chris?

12.That Wasn't All, Either

13.Whoa There!

14.My Bad, You Guys!

15.Don't You Dare Judge!

16.What's Her Parenting History Again?

17.What Does Lowry Have to Say About the Documentary?

18.And She Continued:

19.A Cryptic Conclusion:

20.So There We Have It

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