Chris Evans apologises after he mistakes James Cameron for David Cameron in on-air blunder

Chris Evans mistakenly calls James Cameron 'David'

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The Virgin Radio presenter was chatting about James Cameron’s film The Abyss during the Chris Evans Breakfast Show when he made the mistake. Once a colleague in the studio corrected him, he clarified that he was not referring to the former Prime Minister and moved on swiftly.

Chris, 55, began the discussion confidently: “That film The Abyss.

“That was a David Cameron film wasn’t it?”

He went on to explain how the digital technology the director developed during the making of the film was put to use in his bigger, more successful films further down the line.

James directed The Abyss in 1989, two years before the popular blockbuster Terminator Two: Judgement Day, which is widely regarded as the best film in the franchise.

However, Chris failed to spot his mistake in calling the director David and made the error a second time.

He said: “The Abyss was panned and it wasn’t successful.

“But the digital tricks and twists and turns and development – the R&D – that went into that that David Cameron… Sorry who?” (sic)

At this point he trailed off and was promptly corrected by his co-star in the studio.

The broadcasting legend sounded momentarily embarrassed by the slip-up, but quickly recovered.

“Sorry, James – James Cameron,” he said.

“Not the ex-Prime Minister. James Cameron.”

James is probably best known for directing the 1997 award-winning film The Titanic starring a young Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.


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However, the director smashed all kinds of records when his 2009 film Avatar became the top-selling global film of all time and held the title for nine consecutive years.

Chris has been a popular fixture at Virgin Radio for the past two years, previously helming the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show for nine years.

The presenter actually did interview David Cameron back in 2019 when the topic of Brexit was becoming particularly heated.

The former PM opened up to Chris, explaining: “Politics is a brutal business and you know you have to be brutal by moments.

“I just thought the more, you know, Conservatives on my side of the campaign attack Conservatives on the other side of the campaign, the more it would look like a blue on blue Tory psychodrama.”

This interview came one year after Chris moved over from the BBC to Virgin with co-host Rachel Horne.

The presenter joked: “She voted leave, we voted leave and we did leave.

“We said we were going to leave and we did leave with a deal.”

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