Caroline Flack's ex Andrew Brady shares tribute to late star after funeral

Caroline Flack’s ex-boyfriend Andrew Brady shared a lengthytribute to the late star, as she was laid to rest in a private funeral.

The Love Island host died by suicide on 15 February, aged40.

And, after those closest to her said their final goodbyes,her former fiancé has now shared a heartfelt message.

Alongside a photo showing them relaxing together – captioned‘RIP Sprouts x.’ – he began: ‘Caroline sadly died almost a month ago. She’sfinally been laid to rest and I still haven’t come to terms with things.

‘It’s been the single most devastating piece of news I haveever heard and it shook me to the absolute core. I feel so much sorrow and painand of course I still feel guilt.

‘Our relationship wasn’t easy and we always had our troubles. I didn’t always want good for her but I didn’t want this. She didn’t deserve this.

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RIP Sprouts x

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‘I know some of you dislike me and that’s okay. You readabout our relationship and you judged. Go ahead and make those judgements becauseyou know nothing. I’m not writing this to emend any gossip you think you know.

‘But I want this to be known. Regardless of how ourrelationship went. I want it to be known how much of [an] amazing personCaroline Flack was (sic).’

He continued: ‘Caroline had so many amazing qualities. Shewas sexy, she was passionate, she was flirty, she was talented, she was generous,she had a presence that you could feel her in a room, she had an incrediblesmile, she was the life and soul of the party and always threw a good one too.

‘She loved karaoke and would hog the microphone as she was aperformer. But most of all she loved all her nieces and nephews and she was awonderful Aunti.

‘She loved all her family and just wanted to make them proud.

‘I feel so sad for you all. I’m so sorry. I hope you wereall able to celebrate her life yesterday just like she’d have wanted sic).’

Andrew then shared a poem he penned when they first starteddating, which read: ‘Thanks for the support, this was my first message, onInstagram of all things, turns out to be a blessing.

‘I thought you looked beautiful when we met at The Vault,the tequila shots… ooops sorry, I guess they were my fault.

‘It soon became apparent, that I couldn’t leave your side,you made me feel amazing, you make me feel alive.

‘These feelings I have, they’re so unique, I have fallen head over heels, words are impossible to speak.

‘When I look in your eyes, I know that it’s true, you’re theone I want to be with and I think you do too.

‘Why you, I hear you say, here, let me explain, I can’t get you out of my head, you drive me insane.

‘You’re smart yet silly, ambitious and proud, you’rebeautiful and happy when I’m not being too loud.

‘When we’re together we laugh and we cry, if I said I wasn’tbesotted I’d be telling a lie.

‘For someone so great, you’re also quite funny, the only thing I don’t like is when you cuddle my tummy.’

‘For a time in my life I loved Caroline. No matter what anyof you might think of me or Caroline from what you’ve read,’ he wrote.

‘We had a whirlwind of a relationship that was incrediblypassionate and a lot of love. We grew really close.

‘It didn’t work out but that doesn’t change the impact on mylife she made. I have my memories and I will cherish them.

‘Caroline had a lot of people she loved in her life and a lot of people who loved her. I hope they’re being allowed to grieve in private. Please try and learn from this and realise the price of someone’s privacy isn’t worth their life.

‘I’m not sure if what I’m doing is right but I don’t knowhow to grieve. We never get taught these things. I just hope that we can alluse this as a lesson.’

He ended the post by providing contact information toSamaritans, adding: ‘Let’s just be kind. It’s not that difficult. Maybe thinkabout the implications of that nasty comment you’re about to send.

‘If you, reading this, are feeling down about anythingplease just speak to somebody. It’s amazing how many good people out there careabout you.

‘If you need to call Samaritans on 116 123 they are. It’sokay not to be okay!

‘PS Please also nobody worry about me. I’m okay. I am surrounded by amazing people here. This is just really tragic and sad news.’

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