Blac Chyna’s Mom Calls Her ‘Rude’ Over Transphobic Remarks

Tokyo Toni’s Instagram post in which she appears to diss her own daughter backfires though, as some people call her out for attacking and embarrassing the reality TV star.

AceShowbizBlac Chyna‘s mom is not a fan of her alleged diva attitude. Tokyo Toni has seemingly shaded her own daughter on Instagram after the latter was caught on camera apparently making transphobic remarks.

On Wednesday night, June 2, Toni posted a clip of her daughter’s night out when she seemingly hurled insults at people in the parking lot. In the caption of the video, she broke down what happened that night, “So here y’all go… Chyna was being mad rude and acting superior AF.”

“She blocked the gate so no one could get out,” Toni accused the Lashed by Blac Chyna founder. “People were just tryna ask her to leave. She kept wanting smoke with the transwomen and then told them they are not girls but boys.”

In the caption, Toni allegedly wrote, “Transphobic ??????” with a bunch of disappointed face emojis.

In the said video, Chyna was seen getting into her car and saying, “They’re not girls, they’re boys,” while looking at a group of people nearby. It’s unclear though when and where the video was taken.

But instead of criticizing Chyna, people chastised Toni for being a bitter mom and antagonizing her own daughter. “I hope you find love and happiness and stop spending you life being jealous of your daughter,” one person commented on her post. “You are her biggest enemy and it’s so sad. Whole world attacks her and so do you.. how you sleep at night ? Look in the mirror how safe you try and bash her when you made her that way. Get all the hate and jealousy out your heart before it unalive you.”

Another blasted Chyna’s mom, “It’s the fact that you go out of your way to embarrass her , or start s**t… your her Mother.. s**t is confusing af.” Baffled by Toni’s act, a third user wrote, “You should be standing up for your daughter, not trying to get people to hate her, idk how you sleep at night.” Someone else claimed, “I now see WHY you didn’t get to see your grand babies.. if you do this to your daughter Ain’t No telling what your capable of.”

Chyna and Toni are known for having a complicated relationship. They have fought and made up several times in the past.

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