Wallis Simpson’s diamond bracelet set to sell for almost £2million at historical auction

Wallis Simpson 'never forgave' the Queen Mother says expert

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A silver bangle from the Duchess of Windsor’s collection is going up for auction for the first time since it was first sold after her death, Christie’s has announced. The bracelet will go under the gavel on November 9 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Duchess of Windsor was the wife of Edward, Queen Elizabeth II’s uncle who was a former King of England before abdicating the throne in September 1936.

His story is a famous one due to the fact that his abdication was to do with Wallis: the King was unable to marry a twice divorced woman and still remain on the throne.

Edward and Wallis married the following year and relocated to France.

They remained married until Edward’s death in 1972.

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Wallis died a few years later in 1986, but her legacy remains.

Like many aristocrats, her jewellery collection is a vast one, and now, one of her most valuable pieces is going up for auction.

The bangle is silver and features two ruby gems encircled with hundreds of tiny diamonds.

It is an interpretation of the Art Deco Style and was given to the Duchess of Windsor by her husband in 1938.

Christie’s has said that the bracelet is expected to be sold at the auction for a hug sum.

It could fetch anything between £740,000 and £1.6million.

The rubies and diamonds set in the bracelet originally featured on a necklace, but Cartier made them into a necklace in 1937.

After Edward purchased the jewel the following year, he gave it to his new wife on their one-year anniversary while they celebrated the day on the French Riviera.

The Duke had had the bracelet engraved with the words: “For our first anniversary of June third.”

Although this is the first time this specific bracelet will go under the hammer at an auction, other pieces belonging to Wallis have been sold in the past.

In 1987, the Wallis Simpson Jewellery Collection, which consisted of 214 pieces, was sold by Sotheby’s in Geneva for a whopping £45million.

Among the pieces was another Cartier diamond bracelet featuring nine tiny multicoloured crosses that dangled from a thin silver wrist chain.

This piece was gifted to the Duchess of Windsor by Edward before their marriage and she wore it on her wedding day.

The bracelet was sold in 1987 for £400,000.

Another piece, which sold for £1.5million, was an onyx and diamond panther bracelet, created by the jeweller Jean Toussaint.

Speaking of Wallis’ impressive jewellery collection, Christie’s said: “For years the Windsors were a fixture of international society and will always be remembered for their chic lifestyle and beautiful jewellery.”

Other pieces to be auctioned next month will be diamond bracelets once worn by French Queen Marie Antoinette.

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