These Reimagined '70s Sunglasses Will Brighten Up Your Whole Summer

This summer, you'll be looking through rose-colored glasses — but trust us, you'll still see things clearly.

InStyle and AOX have collaborated to give AOX's classic Caruso design a refreshingly retro twist — rose-tinted lenses set in Champagne see-through frames. And these aren't just your average, run-of-the-mill sunnies. This reimagined '70s-esque design makes us reminiscent of golden summer sunsets. And the new colorway is available just in time for the upcoming season so you can take in that sunset in style. Pair them with a prairie dress or your favorite bell-bottoms — or the good sweat shorts you wear to the grocery store — no matter which way you go, these promise to elevate any outfit.

The rose-tinted lenses are polarized and have an anti-reflective coating, so you'll have 100% UVA/UVB protection without the glare. And if you have a tendency to lose sunglasses at the bottom of your purse (been there), rest assured these are scratch resistant. Not to mention, the classic 46-sized Caruso frames flatter any face, all thanks to the light yet durable design.

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Like all AOX products, these glasses are handmade from sustainable materials in Italy, so you know you're getting the highest of quality. And they're a bit of an exclusive buy, too — there are only 100 pairs available for purchase, so get your hands on these beauties while you can. They're available today on AOX's website, and with this limited of a release, we'd run — not walk — to the link below.

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