Scorned woman warns against getting matching tattoos with your best mate after hers stole her husband

BEFORE getting a matching tattoo with someone, you have to be pretty certain that they're going to be in your life for a LONG time.

So when American mum Natasha decided to take the plunge with her best friend, she thought it was a pretty safe bet as they'd been mates for 12 years.

But little did Natasha know that her best friend would remain a constant in her life for all the wrong reasons after she "stole" her husband.

Earlier this month, Natasha responded to a TikTok trend where people have been sharing the mistakes they "learnt the hard way and can now help others avoid".

Kicking off the viral video, TikToker Mrs Pedersen said: "Don't get matching tattoos with your best friend, it's only cool until…"

Cutting off the video and jumping in with her own experience, Natasha said: "Until she has an affair with your husband, takes over your entire life and starts raising your children as if they're her own."

"So much therapy though, really so much f***ing therapy."

The video racked up over 1.3m views on TikTok – which prompted Natasha to share a separate video of her inking.

Zooming in on the "you keep me wild" tattoo on her foot, the mum explained how "best friends forever" is written underneath it in morse code.

One follower replied: "This could be a lifetime movie."

Another added: "She said same tattoo same life!"

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "Girl, you deserve so much better."

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