My Christmas party snog turned into a long term romance – it’s sacred and should NOT be banned, says Clare Nasir

THE Christmas party snog may be a thing of the past.

A study by one Covid testing firm found 13 per cent of businesses having a Christmas party will impose a kissing ban, while the Government has been accused of mixed messaging surrounding the tradition.

But this smacker veto is a rule too far for Clare Nasir. The Channel 5 weather forecaster, 51, who is married to Radio 6 DJ Chris Hawkins, 46, has her say on the demise of festive workplace smooching.

"THE right to a tingly kiss under the mistletoe needs to be protected to help the population’s morale. When the weather is frosty, there is nothing that can warm your heart like a clandestine kiss.

There are rules and regulations for everything. We have been living and breathing restrictions for more than 18 months.

We understand the Covid rules and act according to the information we are given by the Government and scientists to make important decisions. But some things are sacred — inclu-ding the Christmas party snog.

Last Christmas, people didn’t make the memories they wanted. This year is going to be all about reigniting that magic and capturing the special memories that last in your heart for ever.

People lost months, if not years, of proper growing up.

There are moments that come just once a year . . . and the chance for a festive “Who gives a flying fig?” flirt is one of them.

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It goes without saying we must follow the rules, we do the lateral flow test before the event and make sure all regulations are followed . . . but then we let loose.

It is a once-in-a-year chance to fulfil a rite of passage in life. There is a build-up to a Christmas party every year and it can be so exciting.

It’s even more thrilling this year, when you’ve been working with people you may have been physically distanced from. It’s so fun to be swapping a stilted chat on Zoom for the clink of a mulled-wine glass.

And let’s not forget, that work crush you’ve been harbouring will be there . . . in real life!

If you felt the faintest tingle of mutual attraction, now is the time to see if that frisson is real. Will there be that magical moment when your crush’s eyes meet yours over a sea of pigs-in-blankets sweating under the harsh party lights?


You tried on ten dresses, you look great and just maybe, you end up in conversation with that someone you are attracted to.

After a few hot toddies, the Yuletide stars could align and those year-long wonderings about his or her feelings could culminate in that most perfect of Christmas miracles: The party snog. It is a story as old as the nativity (probably).

Many marriages have started this way. Well, they did where I’ve worked. You are celebrating living in the moment . . . and when is a better time to delve into the unknown with somebody? (As long as it is mutually welcomed and consensual).

I’ve had my own version of the snow-tinted Christmas snog. It stays with you. It was just before Christmas. I’d been working with this person, we ended up outside the venue. It was -5C and everything was frozen. Then we had our magical moment.

The moon was up, the stars were out, everything was sparkling and crisp. It felt like Last Christmas by Wham! was being sung in my ear.

It’s the best Christmas present you can get if you’ve liked someone for a long time . . . or even if you haven’t.


This kiss can spark long-term relationships, like it did for me. Me and my Christmas kiss had a great time together for about four years.

And let’s not forget another joy that is often overlooked — gossiping about it the next day.

The office drama surrounding the Christmas kiss is almost as fun as the smacker itself — the texting and debriefing the next day, reliving the moment, the whys and hows, deliberating with your work pals over what will happen next.

It’s as delicious as any sugar-laden Christmas treat, because at the moment, everything seems so clinical and so regimented.

So please, please, leave the Christmas snog alone, this bastion of hope and romance. Some things are sacred."

  • Clare Nasir is an author, meteorologist and weather presenter for Channel 5 News.

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