Mum who had to wear incontinence pads at 28 after 3 kids says vaginal tightening therapy has saved her sex life

A MUM-of-three who wouldn’t leave the house for fear of wetting herself has got her sex life back after undergoing vaginal tightening therapy. 

Robyn, 30, says her bladder control decreased after each natural birth, and she was left wearing incontinence pads at just 28. 

The stay-at-home mum, who shares children Monty, six, Hugo, three, and Bertie, two, with husband George, 30, says her confidence was severely affected. 

Despite doing pelvic floor exercises throughout her twenties, she says she was “totally unprepared” for the effect three natural births would have on her bladder control.

She said: “My urine leakage got worse after each birth and by the time I had had my third baby, at just 28, I was needing to wear incontinence pads daily.”

Robyn revealed the extent of her urine leakage, saying: “Laughing, sneezing or coughing would inevitably cause me to leak urine, and I would dread day trips because I would constantly be thinking about where the nearest toilet was.

“Gym or any form of physical exercise was a no, and in fact even picking up my children could cause me to wet myself.

“'My confidence dwindled because I avoided leaving the house for fear of an accident, and my sex life also suffered. I didn't feel sexy and I was worried about leaking urine during intercourse.”

She tried to confide in her friends, but says her concerns were swept aside as something normal which mums just have to deal with. 

Robyn also went to her GP for advice, but says she felt as if there were few options for her.

She said: “Although they were supportive, the general feeling was that this was just part of being a mum and something women had to 'live with’.

“There is no treatment available on the NHS other than extreme surgery, which apparently my case was not severe enough to warrant.”

Robyn was wary of the mesh implants offered on the NHS, so investigated other treatments and came across non-invasive vaginal tightening therapy. 

Called the Emsella chair treatment, it delivers the equivalent of 11,000 pelvic floor contractions in 28 minutes, tightening the bladder muscles. 

The treatment, available at Apprentice winner Dr Leah’s clinic in central London, costs £1,650 for six sessions, which are carried out while the patient is fully clothed. 

Robyn said: “There was no recovery time at all. The sessions themselves were so easy, and all I had to do was sit on a chair, fully clothed. It was nice to be able to just sit down for 30 minutes with a cup of coffee!

“It was entirely pain free, you know something is going on but it isn't painful – it feels like contractions going into the vagina and there is no pain afterwards and you can return to normal life with no restrictions.

“After the third session I already felt things were improving and I was having less leakage, after my 6th session and things are so much better.”

After finishing the treatments, which must be completed within three weeks, Robyn says she got her life back – and it saved her relationship. 

The mum raved: “It's impacted my life so much for the better. 

“I can run around with my kids, coughing and sneezing isn't an issue anymore and I don't have anxiety about where the nearest toilet is. I'm no longer making mental notes of where the nearest toilets are when I'm out and about, it's such a relief not suffering from that anxiety anymore.

“I don't need to wear pads daily, I feel like me again, my confidence and my sex life are back. This treatment has saved my relationship. 

“The Dr Leah pelvic floor tightening chair has made it possible to regain my dignity, I would urge anyone who was going through what I was going through to not just suffer it, treatment is available.”

Dr Leah said loss of bladder control isn’t something women should have to simply live with, acknowledging millions of women experience issues with leakage after childbirth. 

She said: “The latest advancements in technology mean that safe and effective treatment is now available without the need for intimate examination or invasive procedures. 

“For many years we have advised women on the importance of Kegel's pelvic floor exercises, but compliance with these exercises is low as women often lead busy and hectic lives.”

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