Meghan Markle ridiculed by Australian TV presenter over tell-all Ellen DeGeneres interview

AN Australian TV presenter ridiculed Meghan Markle after she recorded another tell-all interview this time with Ellen DeGeneres.

Amelia Adams, the US corresponded for Australia's Today show, took a swipe at the Duchess while delivering a news update about the surprise sit-down that airs today.

"Not sure we'll hear any bombshells [about the Royal family] in tomorrow's chat with her old friend Ellen," she explained showing the trailer.

"Certainly, at this stage, the clip they've released is Meghan reminiscing about her days as a struggling actress.

"She spent a fair bit of time at the Warner Bros. studio, where the Ellen Show is recorded, and she said she used to show up there in an old Ford Explorer with a broken door."

After the trailer ended, Ms Adams made a snarky dig at the Duchess by saying: "Yeah, she's just keeping it real there….in a $4,000 Oscar De La Renta blouse.

"Safe to say she has moved up in the world since those days."

Today's co-host laughed at the remark and said: "'Well done, Amelia, well done.

"A little sting in the tail there, I like that."

The surprise appearance, which comes almost a year after her bombshell Oprah interview, saw Meghan spill the beans on her acting days before meeting Prince Harry.

The former Suits star beamed as she recalled how she would go to auditions on the same Warner Bros. lot as Ellen's set.

She told Ellen: “I would park at Gate 3 and scoot on over, and what was so nice was that the security guards here would always say, ‘Break a leg, we hope you get it!’ So the drive in today was very different."

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Asked if the security guards recognised her, the mum-of-two replied: “I think they probably said it to everybody. That’s how nice they were.”

And the animated duchess couldn't help but giggle over how she used to climb through the boot of her old banger to get to the front – because you couldn't access it from the driver's door.

"So after auditions, I would park at the back of the parking lot and I would open the trunk and climb in and then pull it shut behind me and crawl over all my seats to get out," Meghan explained to Ellen.

"That's how I would come to and fro."

The clip appears a far cry from the tone struck in Meghan and Harry's explosive Oprah interview back in March, in which the couple discussed their struggles as working royals.

And today a royal expert warned that Meghan's interview with Ellen "will spark dread" at the Palace following the chaotic aftermath of her first tell-all.


Angela Levin blasted "ruthless" Meghan as "desperate for publicity" for carrying out the interview amid the Queen's latest health scare.

The expert, and author of Harry: A Biography of a Prince, told the Sun: "I think the palace dread everything she says because she can be so rude.

"The interview with Oprah was bad timing. Prince Harry's grandfather was ill. It is all about what is good to her. She's ruthless and she thinks of herself first."

The sit-down chat marks Meghan's first daytime talk show appearance since she married Prince Harry and joined the Royal Family.

It comes after she and Harry rocked the Firm with their explosive Oprah Winfrey interview and aired their struggles as working royals on TV.

Meghan told how she felt suicidal in her role and said a senior royal had questioned how dark her unborn son's skin would be.

The pair stepped back from their royal duties last year and set up their new lives in the US.

It's now believed they will spend Christmas at their £11million mansion in California this year – suggesting they won't spend it with the Queen.

An insider told Page Six: "There’s a lot that goes into the logistics and the planning of the family Christmas, so of course, staff know that Harry and Meghan are not coming.

"If they were, they would have communicated it to their family by now.

"But this is Her Majesty’s first Christmas without her husband, so one would have hoped they would want to be with her."

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