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ALTHOUGH people are constantly embracing themselves and promoting body positivity, one middle age woman has revealed anti-aging tips for people who want to preserve their youth.

Kelly LaVallie, who's nearly 50, shared a TikTok video with some tips on keeping the skin young and beautiful.

Kelly shared three anti-aging tips: "Here are three anti-aging tips that I wish I had started when I was younger."

Kelly's first tip for anti-aging has to do with the way we sleep.

"First, don't sleep with your face all smushed into your pillow. Try and sleep on your back.

"Second, sunscreen of course on your face but don't forget your chest and your hands.

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"And then third… bit of Botox around your mouth because there's nothing cute about lip wrinkles and once you get them it's hard to do anything about it," Kelly said.

Kelly reminded people to use Botox cautiously as there may be unwanted side effects.

"Just don't overdo it because you won't be able to keep it food in your mouth," she said.

Despite Kelly's efforts, people were more focused on the how unrealistic these tips were.

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One person said: "I would prefer a great night sleep on my side than have no wrinkles…I will let my inner self shine through but to each their own."

"Umm there’s nothing cute about wrinkles?? Jesus. Aging happens people! You do you but don’t tell natural ppl that wrinkles aren’t cute," one TikTok user commented.

Kelly responded: "You’re totally right. I’m sorry for the “not cute” comment. I’ve seen some darn cute wrinkles in my day."

People were surprised about her tip on sleeping on your back instead of sideways.

"HOW DO YOU SLEEP ON YOUR BACK! It’s so hard!!!" one person said.

"I still can’t sleep on my back!" another person wrote.

One other person wrote: "I really appreciate it but the Botox is just not gonna be happening for me. Let's hope for the best."

"It is definitely not necessary!! Just gravy," Kelly responded.

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