I’m an interiors expert – three things that instantly make your house look cheap and why wall stickers are a no-no

WHEN you’re a proud homeowner, the last thing you want is your choice of decor letting you down. 

Luckily, an interior expert has shared the three things that could be making your inside space look cheap and tacky, as well as the easy – and more importantly cheap – ways to turn it around. 

TikTok account @homingpigeoninc has created a helpful video detailing all the common mistakes she has seen in people’s homes.

She explains: “Three things that are making your house look cheap. Number one, cheap looking light fittings.

“It’s so easy to get these replaced and revamped your whole space instantly.” 

She then turns her attention to how clutter in the home creates a chaotic vibe, immediately making it appear cheaper than it really is.

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“Look at these TV cords.They are creating an unnecessary distraction that really does make the space look cheap.

“The same goes for when you walk into the door of any home and there’s just a pile of shoes, this definitely makes the space look cluttered and detracts from the aesthetic.”

The interiors expert also points out that kids’ toys scattered around the home creates the same atmosphere, adding: “If they are not neatly stacked away, or cleverly designed, they can definitely detract from your design.”

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@homingpigeoninc, who regularly shares videos advising people on how they can make the most out of their space, continues: “Secondly, clutter of any type. 

However, this is again easy and cheap to fix, as you can simply pack clutter away neatly and use clever tricks to disguise their existence, such as a cord basket and shoe rack. 

She reveals: “I totally get it, [but] there are ways of storing shoes neatly and stylishly as you enter the home.”

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The third and final point that the TikTok star makes is how wall stickers and quotes around the home may seem like a nice idea – but one that ultimately cheapens the aesthetic.

She says: “Quotes and wall stickers that people add around the house definitely do not make the house look expensive.”

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