I’m a single mom – my child’s not looking for a daddy but I am, men ask where they can sign up | The Sun

ONE single mom propositioned all the men on the market for a match.

The eager woman has revealed her hunt for a daddy, and interested suitors asked her where they can sign up.

Gabrielle Kavanagh (@gabriellekavanagh_) isn't searching for a father figure, just a "daddy."

She posted a video in hopes interested men would respond to her blunt request.

The 25-year-old mother clarified she wanted a man for herself, not her child.

Gabrielle danced around in a pink tracksuit, letting her long blond hair fall down her back.

Her sweatshirt was cropped just below her chest. The Irish woman's midsection and bra band was on display.

Gabrielle's long, mint green nails grazed her underboob as she moved about the room.

"I'm not a single mom, I'm a single woman," she proclaimed.

"My child's not looking for a daddy. I'm looking for a daddy."

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She shook her butt in the tight lounge pants to the beat of the background song.

Her caption read: "For real."

Forward men made passes at her in the comments section of her video.

While some indicated their willingness with a "hands up" emoticon, others used their words.

"I’m here," one man pointed out, while another asked: "Marry me?"

An eager suitor questioned: "Where do I sign?"

"I'm moving to Ireland," an impatient viewer expressed.

One clever man wrote: "They say that there is a treasure at the end of a rainbow. So are you gonna be at the end of the next rainbow?"

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