I'm a mum-of-10 and spent $16k on the kids this Xmas, I even got them custom wrapping paper – trolls say it's too much

A MUM of 10 has revealed the staggering cost of Christmas this year for her brood – admitting she and her husband spent more than $16,000 on their kids.

Alicia Dougherty took to TikTok to share a video explaining what she and her spouse splashed out on for their children, with the expensive gifts including new bikes, iPhones and Nintendo Switches.

"How much did we spend on Christmas for our 10 kids?" Alicia began her video.

First up, each child got a brand new bike – costing the parents $3,419.90 – as well as new helmets.

The helmets were purchased on Amazon, alongside two Nintendo Switch consoles, a laptop, toys and games – all for the grand total of $5,571.53.

The family's oldest two boys were given brand new iPhone 13s with "all the accessories" – which cost around $800 per one.

Alicia also splashed out on custom wrapping paper featuring the name of each child, costing $200.

Other outlays included $2000 on presents for the children's biological siblings – six of Alicia's 10 children are adopted – as well as a plane ticket for one of their biological mums to visit.

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Teacher gifts cost $240, while they also shelled out for matching shoes and outfits for family pictures, as well as matching family pyjamas for Christmas Day.

Food for the holiday cost $807.58, and gifts for the stockings were $542.30 – bringing the grand total to $16,541.78.

Alicia's admission of just how much she spent on Christmas divided opinion among commenters on the video.

While some accused the family of flaunting their wealth, others insisted it's their right to spend their money how they want.

"I'm glad my family never emphasised expensive presents," one person wrote.

"Our gifts were simple and we enjoyed our time with each other. Not everyone is rich."

"Wonderful that Mr. and Mrs. Santa could provide such a nice Christmas for the children but inappropriate to reveal the total cost of everything," someone else commented.

However, someone else argued: "That’s awesome!!! You gave your kids and their families an amazing Christmas.

"That’s worth every penny. Hope you guys have an amazing 2022!"

And another person agreed: "Their happiness is priceless though."

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